Arizona’s ultimate backyard builder is expanding! California Pools & Landscape is coming to Queen Creek – come see what all the hype is about! With over 32 years in business, our team has the experience and expertise to make your backyard dreams come true.

We’re so excited, that we’re throwing a month-long sales event with exclusive specials to celebrate the opening of our new Queen Creek Design Center! In-person and video consultations are available. We are honored to be a part of the beautiful Queen Creek community and look forward to growing together. There has never been a better time to get your yard staycation ready!

Already have a California Pools & Landscape backyard but know someone who needs one… perhaps in Queen Creek? Our referral program gives $250 for the first referral and $500 for each subsequent referral after that. Call us for more info.

Award-Winning Design
Great yards begin with great designs! Our award-winning designers are experts at bringing our clients’ visions to life. We combine stunning design with expert planning and strategy to deliver results that are both beautiful and practical.

California Pools & Landscape is a design-driven company.

Our team prides itself on being able to understand a client’s vision and bring it to life. We take the time to dive into each project and truly get to know the people we are working with. From start to finish, we make sure they feel heard and valued as a core part of the design process.

A key component to our success is in our master plan approach, which enables us to truly envision a space in its entirety. We look beyond just the pool and consider every option to maximize a backyard’s full potential. This comprehensive approach enables us to create outdoor living spaces with cohesion and synergy throughout.

Customer Service Superstars
Service is at the very heart of our business and we go to great lengths to make the experience fun. Our commitment to building relationships is as strong as our commitment to building beautiful backyards!

Our business was started with the simple mission of delivering the best experience possible to everyone we encounter. From clients and contractors to suppliers and builders—we know that our commitment to friendly, honest service is what has made California Pools & Landscape a name people trust.

We’ve been awarded the Better Business Bureau’s Ethics Award, and in 32 years of business have not had a ROC complaint. Put your home in our capable hands, and know that the pool building experience can be better than you imagined!

We Do it All!
California Pools & Landscape is licensed by the state to build every aspect of your perfect outdoor space. Start to finish, we do it all with expertise. From dazzling pools, Baja shelves, infinity or zero edges, submerged seating, floating cocktail islands to landscaping, spas, fire features, and ramadas, we’ve got you covered. If you can dream it, we can build it! We also pride ourselves on our capacity to meet tricky custom needs—if you’ve got tough HOA or juridical requirements, difficult materials to match, or any other obstacle – we’ve got the experience to make it work.

Our team of experts will help you explore what’s on-trend and choose the perfect finishing touches for your space. Energy-efficient lighting, pool cleaning technology, lux pool side bars, and shaded conversation areas—the possibilities are limitless!

Having your job managed by a single company streamlines the process, and relieves you of the burden of managing multiple contractors, bids, and project timelines. With CP&L, you can leave it all in our capable hands and rest easy, knowing your backyard will come to life before your eyes, without the headaches.

Queen Creek, thank you for welcoming us to our newest home!

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Welcome to the story of how the McDermott family found backyard bliss! They worked together with our expert team to co-create a perfect backyard sanctuary to unwind in. Their goal was to create a space that made them feel like they were on vacation. Working stressful jobs, they sought a home refuge that would give them a luxurious place to enjoy, without leaving town!

“What we were looking for was to have our own vacation refuge oasis out here. We both work pretty hard at our jobs. Mine is pretty stressful, his is pretty stressful. So when we decompress, we want it to be like we are on vacation, so that was our motivating factor when we went to meet with Aaron.”

Aaron, their project manager, saw their vision and helped bring it to life.

“He did an amazing job. We just told him verbally what we were looking for and when he showed us the plan on the computer we were blown away. We said, “This is exactly what we wanted! How did you know? We were really happy with it and happy with his ability to see our vision.”

The best part of this backyard fairytale is the McDermott’s appreciation of their custom-built space. “Everybody was just in awe. When I posted pictures on Facebook they said, “Oh, is that the clubhouse?” and we were like ‘No, that’s our yard! – It’s the McDermott Clubhouse!’ People were quite impressed with it, as are we. It looks like something you would see in a magazine, but it’s ours! When we had friends over they were blown away – they were kind of like we were when we saw it, in awe. We said ‘I know! Can you believe we live here?!’ We don’t believe it either!’ We have to pinch ourselves.”

For Aaron, working with the McDermott’s was a total pleasure. The family had a vision for what they wanted and added their creative input on beautiful finishing touches. He complimented their contribution to the design of the finishing tile. “As far as the tile goes we spent some time really designing that in and getting the spacing just right. While they were doing it in construction I said ‘Don’t deviate from this!’– We spent the time, you measure it, and it’s going to be exactly what we want!” Indeed, the blue of the tile pops out to compliment the blue in the rest of the yard and offers a lovely contrast with the blue, green, and stone.

Says Aaron: “I think this was a group effort – we had the vision together and laid it out.”

The McDermott’s knew that they wanted to focus on the view coming into the house from the main door. Once the foundations were in place, they added furniture elements that added comfort and style, making it feel like home. “You see photographs without furniture in it, but when you see photographs with furniture, it’s like its home. It really makes a difference,” said Aaron.

Karen and Jim tell us they have already found their favorite spots to relax – in the plush loungers poolside. They enjoy the stunning view in complete comfort. “We’ll come out here and read, listen to music, and take a nap when it’s nice.”
Sounds pretty good! Can we get an invite?

Another eye-catching feature is the four-poster day bed. Adding to the resort-chic aesthetic, it is made for a perfect day relaxing poolside.

The sound design was another aspect that our designer Aaron honed in on. The water feature and the spa both work to create relaxing energy. “I really like how the sound just permeates through this whole area. You’ve got the water features that give us one sound but the spa itself actually gives us some undulation – it is consistent, you hear a bit of a different splash effect coming off of it,” says Aaron.

The McDermott backyard also features an elegant shade structure that was designed to seamlessly compliment the home. Aaron comments on the materials they chose: “I really like the way the metal transforms into the tongue-and-groove ceiling. The combination of the metal and the dark wood are very complimentary to the home. The columns really bring out the tone of the color.” 

Attention to Detail and Finishing Touches

Our design team used stone in the landscaping to meld nature into the yard and making the surrounding landscape part of the McDermott’s backyard experience.

And they tell us they aren’t finished adding just-so details to make their outdoor space a natural extension of their home. “We want to put some televisions out here for football season. We really love it out here!” says Karen. At CP&L, we are all for more time outdoors in an ultimate backyard that meets your every need!

The McDermotts have clearly been taking full advantage of their space, maximizing their relaxation time and enjoying the good life: “He’s been grilling up a storm and we really like that. We watch a lot of house hunters and HDTV and used to laugh because [people would always say] ‘Oh, now we can have coffee on the patio!’ That was the first thing we did when it was finished, have coffee on the patio! And it was pretty awesome. We’re not laughing anymore about that!”

“That’s the best part. I love coming out here and just sitting, even when I’m not in the pool or the spa – just sitting out here enjoying the weather. It’s beautiful out here!”A refined final flourish was the creation of a botanical retreat centered around a massive saguaro cactus. It is a hidden gem found down a path alongside the ramada; with a separate seating area, it gives the yard another meditative retreat area.

Every Detail Counts

The McDermotts appreciated California Pools’ attention to detail and precision. Our commitment to getting it right has been part of our legacy and has given us our sterling reputation. “I’m very impressed with the quality control. There were a few things that I saw and I thought, ‘well that’s not quite right, but it’s ok’…and the next day they were scheduling someone to come fix it, without me even mentioning it. The managers were right on top of what the people were doing. You guys did a great job and we are very, very happy!”

At California Pools & Landscape, our mission is to give our clients the backyards of their dreams, and make the process fun. This is what we love doing!

“We were over the moon. When we were finally done and came out here, we were like “Wow, we live here! This is our yard!” says Karen.

Congratulations Karen and Jim, we loved helping create your backyard oasis.

Feeling inspired? Get in touch and start your backyard story today!


Our Finance Team is here to help guide you through the loan application process. We will answer all your questions about pool loans so that you can decide if financing a pool or backyard renovation is the right choice for you. Let’s get started!

What is required to qualify?

Lenders will want to see a credit score of 650 or higher with a history of on time payments. Foreclosures and bankruptcies must be at two years from being discharged.

Debt-to-income ratio will need to be 35% to 45% depending on the loan program. A good way to figure your debt-to-income ratio is to add up any monthly payment that is to a creditor (mortgage, car loan, credit card bill, etc..) plus an estimated pool payment amount then divide by your monthly gross income. We can help you calculate these figures.

Proof of income will be required for most loan programs. Variable income, such as commissions and bonuses, will need to have a two-year history to be counted towards your yearly salary amount. We do offer stated income loan programs, but those will have a higher interest rate.

You will need to submit proof that you are living in the home where the project will be installed. Most of the time, merely providing your driver’s license will suffice.

What types of loans are available, and what are the maximum loan amounts?

A secured loan is also called a second mortgage loan. Our lenders count the pool as an asset to the property before it is built, so the amount of equity you have in the home is usually not a factor.

Have lots of equity in your home? Then your rate could be even lower by applying for a HELOC. If you can maintain 80% loan-to-value while still taking out funds for a pool, then a HELOC might be a good option.

Secure loans have a $15,000 minimum loan amount and can go up to $250,000 for very well qualified buyers.

Unsecured loans are personal home improvement loans. Credit score and debt-to-income are the primary determining factors for credit approval. These loans fund quickly and have a maximum loan amount of $95,000.

Are you building a new home? Speak to your home mortgage lender about including a pool with your home purchase and how to maximize those funds available to you. Many first mortgage lenders will also ask that 50% of the pool price be placed in the escrow account as a show of good faith that the pool will be completed promptly. Clients are typically not made aware of this additional deposit, and this results in clients looking for assistance with these last-minute funds needed to close on the home. Many pool builders are not in a financial position to assist their clients with the additional holdback funds or charge a hefty fee. At California Pools & Landscape, we will place any holdback up to 50% of the pool price for our clients at no additional fee or hassle!

What terms and rates are available?

Interest rates are going to range between 5% to 9%, with the most common rate being 6.25% to 6.5%. Those with significant equity in their homes will be closer to 5%, and those with credit challenges may be closer to 9%. All loans have fixed rates with no prepayment penalties.

Secure loans have terms from 5 years to 20 years. We find that most customers choose the 15-year option as the rate does increase on the 20-year loan product. Unsecured loans have 5, 10, and 15-year term options.

How much are monthly payments?

A good rule of thumb when determining your monthly budget is to estimate a $90 payment for every $10,000 borrowed. So a $45,000 loan at 6.5% interest for a 15-year term is $392 per month. A $100,000 loan with those same terms would be $897 per month.

How long is the loan application process?

Unsecured loans typically take 5 to 7 days from application submittal to loan signing.

Secured loans take 4 to 5 weeks from application submittal to loan funding.

Promptly returning the lender’s request for documentation will dramatically speed up the process!

The good news is that with a signed contract and a $1000 deposit, we can start on the construction plans and permits while you go through the loan process, which will help to get the pool dug up to a month sooner. All loans offer 100% financing, so the deposit would be refundable once the loan is funded, and those funds are released to CPL.

How are the funds disbursed?

Secured lenders will mail you dual-party checks that are made out to both you, the pool buyer, and California Pools & Landscape. We will request a check during each of the major phases of construction (excavation, shotcrete, deck, and interior finish). You then endorse the check and give it to your Construction Manager or arrange for courier pickup.

Unsecured lenders will electronically disburse payments to California Pools & Landscape upon your approval or agreed upon date. Payment disbursement is prescheduled or requested at one of the major construction phases mentioned earlier.

How to get started?

Fill out our application at It takes just about 10 minutes.

We are here to serve!

Here at California Pools & Landscape, we make no money on financing and do not charge you any additional fees for our services. We simply want to be your pool builder and help you find the best loan terms that fit your family’s budget. We encourage you to check with other lending sources and would be happy to compare those programs with the loan options that we offer. We have been doing this for 25 years, so let our talented staff help you make the right decision about financing your project.

Here at California Pools & Landscape, the first question we always get from clients planning a project is: “How Much?” Although it is probably frustrating for pool buyers, the honest answer is, “It depends.”

Usually, any good pool professional will then begin to ask questions about the potential features, materials, or add-ons. A true pool building expert might say, “I need to see your construction site in order to evaluate potential costs.”

This must seem like having a car salesman ask to see your garage when you enquire about the price of a new SUV!

Let’s continue the car analogy to shed some light on how to establish an accurate budget estimate for your pool:

Pool companies all begin with a base price, much like the sticker price on a car. However, a car’s sticker price is for a fully manufactured vehicle, where all the crucial decisions on its features have already all been made. You cannot make the car bigger, or add more trunk space, for example.

A pool’s base cost is a legitimate price for what is automatically included, but falls far short of being an accurate and complete total. You may opt for something bigger or deeper, with different decking, upgraded tile or interior, and a wide array of top-line equipment and convenience features. There will almost certainly be added costs for access into the yard, and jurisdiction or zoning fees, based on where the pool is being built. Grading, electric, and plumbing run extra, while spas, water features, and other options are too numerous to mention. Your pool will be one-of-a-kind and must be priced that way.

Shopping base packages for a pool is equivalent to shopping for cars and getting a base price which includes just the chassis, but no interior. This starting point would give you no real idea of the true budget you should have in mind in order to make an informed decision.

Let’s extend our car analogy a bit further. A new Ford Explorer has an MSRP price range of $32,765-$58,250. A Ford Expedition ranges from $48,900-$80,110, and a Cadillac Escalade costs around $75,195-$95,295.

In this context, the Explorer is roughly equal to a modest-sized pool which can also be built in the low $30’s. If your ideal backyard includes other features, like spas, abundant decking, or water features, you can create something top-of-the-line for about 60k. For a larger pool, the Expedition range might be an accurate estimate, while the Cadillac example is suitable for those who like the best of everything.

how much are pools?

Our advice is to establish a budget range that is comfortable for you. Then, shop web sites, get referrals from friends, or check a company’s reviews. Interview a few designers—if you feel good about any of the companies or designers you meet, share your budget with them.

If you do not share your planned budget, a top designer will likely attempt to blow you away with their design skills. You may inadvertently fall in love with a Maserati, that is way beyond your budget. In our experience, it is almost impossible to go backward from that point—a client who may have been thrilled with their more modest pool ends up overwhelmed and convinced that what they want is out of their price range.

We wish you the best in your backyard planning. California Pools & Landscape remains dedicated to our clients and if we can be of help to you, please reach out. We will answer your “It depends” questions as quickly and accurately as possible, every time.


Welcome to part 1 of our series on Pool Costs! In this series, we will be attempting to answer the question we receive most from our clients – “just how much does a pool cost?” We will discuss some of our favorite projects that fall with four distinct budget ranges, to give you the inspiration and information you need to envision your perfect pool! In this video, we cover some great options for 45K or less. Drawing on our 30 plus years in business, we outline exactly what you can expect when building a pool, from basics to add-ons, and everything in between!

At California Pools & Landscape, we’ve built our reputation on trust and satisfied clients. We make the pool-building process transparent and easy to understand. This way, clients don’t have to worry about hidden costs and last-minute pain, and can enjoy the pool building process as much as the final pool itself. When you build with us, you can rest assured that no matter what you’re budget, you’ll be given our world-class service and unmatched craftsmanship.Many factors contribute to a pool’s final cost. Just a few that will influence the final price include:

  • Project scope and size
  • Material choices
  • Deck footages
  • Access and site conditions
  • Jurisdictional requirements by the city
  • Additional features, like waterfalls, landscaping

All of these factors will influence the design decisions you make for your backyard oasis. In this video, you’ll see a few beautiful examples of pools we have built at the lower end of the pricing scale. There is a wide range of possibilities that fall in this price bracket—take note of features you love!

You’ll also see features and design flourishes unique to California Pools & Landscape. For example, this video featured rock waterfalls that continue below the surface of the water, to give a more natural look. You’ll see another great example of a very modern, geometric pool that was then softened up with organic, natural elements, such as stackstone water features and travertine decking. This attention to detail is what has won us recognition throughout the years as the valley’s number one pool builder!

Did any of these custom creations catch your eye? Visit and request an estimate today! You can even schedule an online consultation with one of our talented designers and get your dream backyard design underway! You can also download our DreamBook app—you’ll find more inspiration, estimates, and planning tools at your fingertips, all ready to be saved and shared with friends, family, or your project manager! Download today and start dreaming!


Welcome to Part 2 our series on Pool Costs! In this series, we are attempting to answer the question we receive most from our clients – “exactly how much does a pool cost?” We are exploring some great examples that we’ve built within four distinct budget ranges, to give you all the information you need to plan your perfect pool! In our second video, we discuss pools that fall within the 45k-75k range. With over 30 years in business, we have got the experience and expertise to cover every detail and make pool building a breeze.

How much is a pool

Our reputation has been built on our commitment to world-class customer service. Our clients trust us to make the pool-building process clear and easy to understand. You can relax and know you are in good hands—and can enjoy the pool building process as much as the pool itself!

There are many important factors that will determine a pool’s cost. Pool size, lot conditions, jurisdiction, material choices, deck footages, water features, and other landscape features will all be considered when building a backyard oasis.

Most commonly, pools in this price range include a spa and other outdoor elements like barbecues or fire pits. Check out our video with unique upgrades that fall within the $45K to $75K price range.

You’ll notice the lux living add-ons that enhance a home’s outdoor living area. In this price range, we love to include shade structures and fire features for relaxing and entertaining. You’ll also notice most people working within this price range choose to include spas. These can be centerpieces unto themselves and include eye-catching water features that transition seamlessly into the vista.

Another great design feature we utilize for pools in this price range is stackstone walls. These make great natural looking barriers that harmonize well with the surrounding landscape. When completed with dramatic potted succulents, you’ve created a beautiful desert oasis. Pool shapes in this range run the gamut, from modern and crisp to free form and organic. We also take advantage of different decking materials to highlight different living areas and draw attention to certain parts of the backyard.

As you can see—there is no limit to the beauty and creativity in this price range! Whatever your budget, our design team is skilled in finding a backyard design that is perfect for your space and style. Our designers know how to see a space in its totality, and optimize every inch of yard, giving you true “bang for your buck.” Your backyard remodel will add precious square footage to your home and give you more luxurious living space, indoors and out.

Notice something that caught your eye? Get in touch today to schedule an online consultation with one of our award-winning designers. You can also download our DreamBook app—you’ll find more inspiration, estimates and planning tools at your fingertips, all ready to be saved and shared with friends, family or your project manager! Download today and start dreaming!

We are ready and waiting to help bring your ultimate backyard to life!



Welcome to Part 3 in our series on Pool Costs! In this video series, we answer the question we receive most from our clients – “how much does a pool cost?” We’ve been exploring some of our favorite examples within four distinct budget ranges, giving you a good baseline for planning the perfect pool for your budget. The backyards in this video will show you the wow-factor features you can add to your project in the range of 75k-125k. With over three decades of pool building experience, we have the expertise you need to create the perfect backyard for your lifestyle!

Many variables contribute to a pool’s cost. A few that will influence the final price include:

  • Project scope and size
  • Material choices
  • Deck footages
  • Access and site conditions
  • Jurisdictional requirements by the city
  • Additional features, like waterfalls, landscaping

In the $75,000-$125,000 price range, we most commonly add features such as shade structures, perimeter flow spas, elaborate landscaping, and swim-up bars. These additions make a great backyard even better, and take relaxing and entertaining to the next level.

The dazzling pool featured in our first example features a raised zero edge, giving it the appearance of floating slightly. Contrary to a flush zero edge, the water visibly flows over and hits a trough below. For this design, we developed an unobtrusive custom gutter system (instead of using standard tanks), to keep the design clean and minimal. The resort-like feel of this sleek backyard was completed by a luxurious spa. Situated next to the master bedroom and adjacent to massage tables, the spa itself is fully tiled in striking black to match the pool. Slightly elevated, it gives guests a lovely vantage point to take in the space in its entirety.

In the second pool featured in this video, you’ll see a great example of how California Pools & Landscape designs backyards to suit individual tastes and needs. In designing our projects for clients, we use functionality as a starting point. We move beyond pre-designed pools to create custom spaces with usability and style. This pool was created to suit a family of divers. Our clients needed a specifically designed pool that allowed them to use a very specific diving board. They added on a lux spa, sheltered by a rock waterfall, and a shade structure for family fun and downtime.

In our third example, you’ll find a contemporary, sleek design. This modern, zero-edged pool is highlighted by a raised deck area with a stackstone fire feature. This backyard is a true oasis and delight to the senses.

In our next example, we focused on creating a backyard that fulfilled our client’s desire for privacy. We added a water feature wall that created privacy from their view fence, as well as a sunken relaxation area, with plush lounge furniture centered around a large fire pit.

In all of the projects featured at this price range, you can see how California Pools & Landscape works alongside clients to design and build their ultimate backyard. We see a space in its entirety and give our utmost attention to every small detail. We focus on the best use of space, utilizing natural features, such as views and vantage points, and creating harmony and symmetry throughout.

At this price point, you’ll be able to select from eye-catching materials and go the distance with lush landscaping, turning your outdoor space into a stay-at-home sanctuary.

Inspired yet? Get in touch today to schedule an online consultation with one of our award-winning designers to get started on your dream backyard!

Welcome to Part 4 in our video series! Here we answer the most common question we get from our clients: “How much does a pool cost?” We’ve been exploring some beautiful examples to suit a wide range of budgets and help you plan the perfect pool at the perfect price point. In this video, we explore backyards in the range of $125k and up. These ultimate backyards highlight the limitless possibilities and multitudes of features you can add in this budget range.

Each of the ultimate backyards featured in this video was designed in partnership with our clients. We make the design process both fun and collaborative, melding your dreams with our expertise! Our role is to bring your vision to life and help you translate your ideas into the perfect outdoor sanctuary.

We begin with functionality as a starting point – we work alongside clients to discover just how they plan to use their space – and then customize these requirements into a beautiful outdoor resort and living area.

There are multitudes of factors that go into determining your project’s cost. A few to consider are:

  • Project scope and size
  • Material choices
  • Deck footages
  • Access and site conditions
  • Jurisdictional requirements by the city
  • Additional features, such as waterfalls and landscaping

In the budget range of $125K and up, you will find extravagant pools and spas, lux landscaping, complete outdoor kitchens, ramadas, and custom features galore.

When designing for homes in this price range, our designers and clients can get truly creative with material selection and create a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

You’ll also notice how our designers can take tricky features – such as varied elevations, and turn them into an advantage. No matter what the starting point, we create stunning outdoor environments with a natural flow and balance.

Another exciting aspect of backyards in this price range is the potential to create multiple “destination areas” throughout your yard. From full-service custom kitchens, to sheltered seating areas and swim-up bars – it’s as if you’ve added several more rooms to your home. A destination backyard means that you have extended your living space and optimized your home for both rest and play! Host friends for drinks around the fire, to watch the game from your outdoor living room, or fire up the barbeque for dinner under the stars! California Pools & Landscape brings you the best in outdoor living, and the best of what Arizona lifestyle has to offer – year-round!Feeling inspired? Our project managers are available for online consultations and can help you plan your pool without leaving your living room. Our award-winning designers and concierge team are here to make it happen. Even better, you can download our Dreambook App for inspiration, estimates, and planning tools at your fingertips! With our innovative app, you can:

  • Scroll through a wealth of stories, articles and tons of spectacular images to help you envision what your perfect backyard will look like
  • Save your most-loved photos into Dreambooks – keeping your thoughts a swipe away and ready to show to friends, family, or our designers
  • Request a project estimate, begin the finance process, or set up a meeting with one of our world-class designers. Do it all from the palm of your hand and with a simple click.
  • Share your backyard ideas with the social share feature!

We can’t wait to help you bring your dreams to life!


Ever since we opened our doors—some 30 years ago—California Pools in Phoenix has been asked two big questions: “How much does a pool cost?” and “How long does it take to build a pool?”

We always wish we had a better answer, but we prioritize honesty. When people ask us how long it takes to build a pool, we tell them the truth: it depends.

Thirty years ago, timeframes for building a pool were hard to pin down because building permits in Phoenix could take anywhere from a day to a week. Since then, that timeframe has grown exponentially—now, pool building permits take anywhere from a week to three months depending on the jurisdiction.

Thirty years ago, we built much simpler pools and had crews on standby. Most pools took 3-6 weeks to build once construction started. Today, building time averages 6-8 weeks, while some pools can take months longer when the scope is larger .

Even with the shorter completion times and simpler pools we built when we were just starting out, no one homeowner investing in a new pool was happy to hear “it depends.” Moreover, clients always want it faster than any honest estimate.

Here is our best answer, based on decades of experience and knowledge:

  • Estimate 1 week of construction time for every $10,000 worth of work. For example, a $40,000 pool takes about 4 weeks and an $80,000 pool takes about 8 weeks.

Nevertheless, even that answer is incomplete. Construction time is often not the lengthiest part of the process.

Here are some additional guidelines for streamlining the pool building process that can both save you money and have you swimming sooner!

Phase 1: Create a design, analyze the proposal, and decide on your pool company (hopefully us!). The average time for this phase is about 3 weeks.

  • Tip: Do your research! Follow your gut on who to work with. It’s worth taking your time with this first major decision. If you do not feel right about a contractor, it will only cost you time and money to re-start the whole process with another designer.

Phase 2: Determine how you are going to pay for the project. Options include cash payments, financing, and including in your first mortgage, among others. The average time for a second mortgage finance process is about 2-3 weeks.

  • Tip: there is no need to wait until you have a design and price. Get your financial arrangements started early and you can have the financing in place by the time the design is complete and you have agreed on the final costs.

Phase 3: Convert the design and paperwork into a construction plan, secure permits from the city, layout the pool on the ground and establish correct elevations. The average time for this phase is about 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Tip: If you have worked with one designer and spent the amount of time necessary to create a plan, you will have little need for changes. Again, trust your gut. If you have the right designer he or she has listened, is experienced, and “gets” you. They will also react quickly to your requests.
  • Tip: if you have unpermitted work in your backyard or your yard is situated on a hillside or has other unique drainage characteristics, it is good to start working on these issues early. These surprises can really delay the process.

Phase 4: Excavation of the pool through shotcrete. This part of the process averages about 3 weeks.

  • Tip: Close the drapes and windows and keep a close eye on the dogs and kids. This is a relatively noisy and dusty process and the big machinery in the yard can be unsafe.

Phase 5: Shotcrete through interior finish (water in the pool). This phase requires about 3 weeks, on average.

  • Tip: poured deck and shotcrete features are much faster than paver deck and masonry features. However, if you want pavers and masonry, make sure that the company you choose has internal labor and capability. This is the highest-pressure area on current labor and crews.
  • Tip: select your products and colors early and minimize changes. In manufactured and imported products, we live in a supply-as-needed environment. Changes and supply issues can frequently cause delays.

Here at California Pools & Landscape, we strive to give our clients an honest answer when they ask how long it takes to build a pool. But the simple fact is, “it depends” is a great answer. It’s best to plan well, expect the unexpected, and work with the right company. You might not be an expert on pools or landscapes, but you’re probably an expert on people. Your gut and heart will tell you if the person or company you are working with have your best interests at heart.

Good luck with your project! The pool building process can be daunting, but the end result is always worth it!

Grand Opening Celebration
Queen Creek, Here We Come!

Arizona’s ultimate backyard builder is expanding! California Pools & Landscape is coming to Queen Creek – come see what all the hype is about! With over 32 years in business, our team has the experience and expertise to make your backyard dreams come true.

We’re so excited, that we’re throwing a month-long sales event with exclusive specials to celebrate the opening of our new Queen Creek Design Center! In-person and video consultations are available. We are honored to be a part of the beautiful Queen Creek community and look forward to growing together. There has never been a better time to get your yard staycation ready!

Already have a California Pools & Landscape backyard but know someone who needs one… perhaps in Queen Creek? Our referral program gives $250 for the first referral and $500 for each subsequent referral after that. Call us for more info.