Inspired Landscapes For Every Space

Groundbreaking Designs

Whether your backyard is bare or needs a refresh, California Pools & Landscape will create the space of your dreams — and this often begins with landscaping. Because each backyard area is different, we tailor each design based on your property and personal preferences.

While some may simply think of grass, trees, and flowerbeds as landscaping, the term encompasses any elements used to design your front or backyard. We’ll design a backyard that flows effortlessly, taking into account such elements as hardscaping, shade structures, fire and water features, outdoor kitchens, seat walls, grottos, waterfalls, fountains, spas and all the finishing touches you desire.

Finding A Design Style That Fits Your Life

There is no shortage of places from which to draw inspiration for your landscape design project. Think about vacation destinations you’ve admired or Valley resorts you would like to emulate. Some spaces use elevation to create various levels of intrigue and defined spaces to carry out specific activities — such as a raised seating area that overlooks a negative-edge pool to the left and a putting green to the right. Start the design at any point but feel free to blend styles together for an eclectic or one-of-a-kind look that suits your vision.

Beyond Landscaping: Building Function & Form

You may have noticed that we aren’t your average landscape designers, we look beyond the form – plants, trees, succulents, grass, flowers and delve enthusiastically into shade structures, hardscapes, fire pits, water features, and walls. So, save yourself the hassle of hiring and dealing with multiple contractors to get the job done — we can handle all the construction elements and finishing touches you desire.

We hold five ROC licenses in the following categories:
– General Swimming Pool Contractor
– General Residential Engineering Contractor
– Swimming Pools
– Landscaping and Irrigation Systems
– Dual Residence and Small Commercial

Taking Landscape Design To The Next Level

California Pools & Landscape uses its over 35 year experience and award-winning designers to plan and construct your landscaping project from start to finish. We are adept at taking into account your property size and shape while also meeting your goals for look and feel. Some homeowners want to maintain a true Arizona desert environment, with boulders, cacti, and succulents, while others want to completely transform their backyards into a lush oasis with flowering plants and grassy areas. Whatever your aesthetic, we can capture your vision and make it a reality.

Our in-house landscaping design and installation team can completely realize your vision for a backyard living space everyone will admire. We begin by asking you about your lifestyle and wish list and then use 3D modeling to help ensure every detail is accurate before we begin onsite work. Our team of client-centric designers, superintendents, and subcontractors will give you the comfort, assurance and follow-up service you deserve — with the hands-on attention of a family business. Just supply your vision and let California Pools & Landscape do the rest.