Buying A Pool In Arizona: Your Expert Guide

Buying A Pool In Arizona: Your Expert Guide

Pool Buyer’s Prep Guide

What You Need To Know

Are you looking to buy a pool or curious about what it would be like to work with California Pools & Landscape? We know the pool buying process can be overwhelming. Our Pool Buyer’s Prep Guide is here to give you a starting place for your search. Finding a contractor that is right for you and your project is the foundation of a successful project. By the end of this guide, you will know more about pool building process and if California Pools & Landscape is the right fit for you.

Our Story

California Pools & Landscape started in 1988 at a small desk in the Smith family kitchen with the goal of putting the customer first. It was founded on the ideal of making pool building a better experience for people. Even though our business has expanded to multiple locations, it is still a family business at heart.

As we grew over the years, we heard our clients say that they wanted us to be involved in their entire backyards and build more than just pools. Now, 36 years later, California Pools & Landscape is the most referred and awarded pool company in Arizona.

If you ask the founder, Mike Smith, how this happened he will tell you simply, “We value relationships the most”. We make friends with our customers and care about their project as much as they do. Through the years we have gathered employees and trade partners that were of a like mind, who see their world through their customer’s eyes. This created an unbeatable team based on a very simple concept, “What was best for the customer, was best for all of us”. Although much has changed with the company over the last 36 years, that bedrock principle has not.

Mike retired in 2001 and put the business in the capable hands of his son Jeremy, who has worked at California Pools & Landscape since junior high school.

“The vision we set out with, and the heart that we put into this business isn’t a bit different today than it was when we started - there’s just a bit more of it”

-Mike Smith, co-founder and Vice President

What We Do

California Pools & Landscape is a general contractor that specializes in new pools, landscaping and structures. We are a complete outdoor living company assisting the Valley with all things backyard.

We are licensed, insured and bonded to build everything for your project from your pool to shade structure to installing your turf.

We are a one stop shop, one contract does it all!

Our current services offered are:

  • New Shotcrete Pool & Spa Construction
  • Landscape
  • Hardscape
    • Shade Structures
    • Outdoor Kitchens & BBQs
    • Fireplaces & Firepits
  • Commercial New Pools & Remodels
  • Remodeling of existing California Pools

California Pools & Landscape: Arizona Registrar of Contractors Licenses

ResidentialROC #339094
ResidentialROC #342168
CommercialROC #339093
StructuresROC #339051

Is California Pools & Landscape The Best Fit For You?

We are a customer centered, full service design-build firm focused on building lasting and transparent relationships with our customers. California Pools & Landscape strives to be the best at what we do. That means analyzing every design process, construction procedure, type of material, and piece of equipment and then determining the most efficient and customer friendly way it can be used.

Interactive Design Process + Commitment From The Customer

At California Pools & Landscape, we want and value your feedback in the design process. Only you know how you want to use your yard! We love being able to sit down and converse with our customers about how they are wanting to transform their backyard space. The backbone of our design process is collaboration with homeowners to create their oasis. If you do not have time to meet with a Designer to discuss your project, we might not be the best fit for your needs.

Fastest Pool Build vs Quality Pool Build

At California Pools & Landscape we’ve helped over 35,000 customers design and build custom pools. We are not the fastest pool builder but we can offer you advice on how to choose what’s best for you based on our 36 years of experience building in Arizona.

Fastest Pools Builds are a good fit for:

  • Customers looking for the fastest build
  • Customers not worried by short-term warranties
  • You’ll be in your home for less than 5 years
  • Choosing between pre-designed pool packages

Quality Pool Builds are a good fit for:

  • Customers focused on quality of the build
  • Lifelong enjoyment
  • Longer warranties
  • Customizable design and more material options

Whole Yard Approach Installed By One Contractor

Having your project designed by one designer with one foreman and one warranty under the same company is the most efficient and cost effective way to build your backyard. Building with one contractor avoids installation, scheduling, permitting, and drainage conflicts. At California Pools & Landscape, we do it all for you! We can not only assist you with your pool project but also with any landscape, hardscape or structure needs. All coordinated by our in-house scheduling team. If you are looking to piece out your project and work with multiple contractors, this will require more attention from you as a homeowner, cause longer time frames, and ultimately additional cost.

Warranty and Service

California Pools & Landscape has our own in-house service and warranty department to continue providing the best service after your project is finished with construction. We offer the most energy efficient cleaning and circulation products available on the market, with better warranties and lower maintenance costs.

Our warranties include:

  • Comprehensive coverage
  • No expansive soil exclusions
  • Zero deductibles for verified warranty repairs
    $85 Refundable Service Fee Applies


We have developed a state of the art project management platform, the MyCPL Customer Portal, exclusively used at California Pools & Landscape.

This helps us provide you the ultimate customer service experience as you receive project status updates, phase by phase schedule, direct messaging with your CPL team, payments, and more!

How Much Does A Pool With California Pools & Landscape Cost?

Our standard inground shotcrete play pool costs between $50,000 - $55,000. There are a variety of factors that can affect the cost of your pool that will be specific to your home.

The size of your yard can help determine what size of pool is right for you. The costs do vary depending on the size of the pool you choose.

  • Spools & Cocktail Pools start in the $45,000 to $50,000 range.
  • Standard Pools start in the $50,000 to $55,000 range.
  • Diving Pools start in the $55,000 to $65,000 range.
  • Play Pool & Spa combos start at $65,000.

Adding design features like a spa, fire pit or shade structure can help create your ultimate oasis. We have useful resources to help you break down the added costs and establish a budget for your dream backyard.

Our Process

California Pools & Landscape is a custom design build company. We enjoy sitting down with our customers to discuss how they are wanting to utilize their space, how they are wanting it to look, and what their budget is. Using this information plus the guidance and suggestions from our Designers is how we create your design and proposal completely specific to your project.

Step 1: Design Phase

After you fill out a form online or call in to our office, a member of our Customer Concierge team will be emailing and calling you within the next 24-48 hours to discuss your project further and how California Pools & Landscape can best be of assistance.

During this initial phone call, we will discuss your wants and needs to decide on the best plan of action for your project.

If during this call you have a budget and scope that aligns with what we can help with, we will set up a 2 hour interactive design consultation with a Designer. These appointments can take place either at your home, in our design center or virtually.

Next, the Designer will take some time to create your custom design and proposal, they will invite you to one of our 4 design centers to review and make changes as needed.

Step 2: Contract & Funding Phase

Once you fall in love with your design, it’s time to sign a contract! Signing a contract and providing a down payment locks in your project pricing and allows us to get started on the pre-construction process.

At time of contract signing, we do require a 15% down payment. This may differ depending on your payment source.

California Pools & Landscape offers financing options to make your backyard affordable. There are several financing options available; from new lines of credit, to second mortgages, and bundling your project’s cost into your initial mortgage. Our pool loan specialists work with you to find the best fit for your financial situation.

Step 3: Pre Construction Phase

Our in-house CAD department takes the Designer’s design rendering and turns it into a construction plan containing all the specific details of your project. Then based on the complexity of your project, our in-house Permit department uses the CAD plan to apply for; structural/civil engineering, one-line electrical diagram, and gas permits. To then put that all together to apply for the pool permit.

Next if any demo or pre-grade is required to get your yard ready for excavation, that’s scheduled. Once completed, we will layout the pool with spray paint to ensure proper placement and to help you visualize your project in your yard.

The final steps before moving to construction includes: quality assure review, blue stake, and a job site walkthrough prior to dig.

Step 4: Construction Phase

You will be introduced to a few different team members throughout your project, but your Designer will always remain your Designer. They’re a part of a 3 person team that helps facilitate the rest of your project throughout construction.

  • Designer: They are your designer and point of contact throughout the designing and processing phases. They may not be in contact with you every day but they are always available to answer your questions or address any concerns.
  • Construction Coordinator: Their focus is communication with you regarding your project’s schedule. They will be your “go-to” person for construction scheduling, information, and coordinating your project’s payments. You’ll receive a lot of emails and portal messages from them with valuable project updates.
  • Construction Manager (CM): They maintain our high-quality construction standards on site and direct our crews that will be working on your project.

The California Pools & Landscape Family


  • Design & Proposals
  • Site Analysis
  • Material Selections
  • Change Orders
  • Stays Involved In Project

Construction Manager (CM)

  • Oversee Construction
  • Manage Quality Control
  • Coordinate With Crews
  • Change Orders
  • Create Final Punch List

Admin & Processing

  • Concierge Services
  • Permits & Engineering
  • AutoCAD Plans
  • Process Change Orders
  • Warranties & Service

Construction Coordinator

  • Ordering Inspections
  • Delivery of Materials
  • Setting Crew Schedules
  • Collecting Payments
  • Setting Project Timelines
  • Maintaining MyCPL App

What To Know Before You Buy

You play a crucial role in your pool design and construction! Here is a simple list so you know what to be prepared for during processing and construction.

  • Have funding secured
  • Be aware that timelines are only an estimation and we will never be able to have a concrete build schedule
  • We will need open access to your backyard and your backyard will be a construction zone
    • Pets and children will have limited access to their backyard and we recommend supervision
  • We understand that we are invading your personal space and we aim to get done as quickly as possible
  • Customers will be required to hose down their shotcrete and fill the pool with water when ready
  • Remember, once we are finished, you will have a beautiful backyard!
  • Buy fun things!
    • Get your pool floaties, umbrellas, and sunscreen ready!