What Type Of Pool Can I Get With A $150 K – $200 K Budget?

Are you ready to add a pool or do a backyard makeover, but aren’t quite sure where your budget will take you? If you’re looking to add a pool in your backyard, it can be tough to visualize what your budget will translate into for your outdoor living experience.

At California Pools & Landscape, we’ve been creating custom backyards of all sizes for over 35 years in Arizona. We’ve worked side by side with thousands of customers in this budget range to build the backyard of their dreams. This experience has given us the expertise to take care of every detail and make your pool building a breeze.

In this article we will examine the different backyard features that are typically added for projects that fall within the $150K – $200K range. There are many important factors that will determine a pool’s cost to give you all the information you need to plan your perfect pool!

As you might expect, the pools in the video above differ from those in the $75K – $150K video because of size and the additional design features added. Typically projects in this budget range might include a shade structure, perimeter flow spa, extravagant landscaping or a swim up bar in addition to the pool. Pool size, lot conditions, jurisdiction, material choices, decking materials, fire features, water features, and other landscape features will all be considered when building a backyard oasis and determining the budget for your project.

Adding A Spa To Your Inground Pool

If your backyard budget falls in the $150K – $200K price range, one option you will have is to include an inground pool & spa into your backyard living environment along with other outdoor design features.

A pool and spa combination makes a lot of sense in Arizona, so that you can enjoy your private oasis year round. Spas can be centerpieces unto themselves and include eye-catching water features or be paired with a fire feature in the vicinity.

In Arizona, building an inground pool and spa in your backyard will cost somewhere between $65,000 – $125,000. Most commonly, pools in this price range of this article will also include other luxurious outdoor design elements like barbecues or fire pits which will take the project cost into the $150K – $200K range.

Many of our custom backyard builds feature luxury living add-ons that enhance a home’s outdoor living area. Whether it’s relaxation, entertainment or recreation, building an inground pool and spa in your backyard can check all the boxes.

Custom Inground Pool Designs

With a backyard budget of $150K – $200K, you should expect to have your own backyard oasis, custom designed to highlight the materials & features that are important to you. While building over 35,000 pools in the Phoenix metropolitan area, we’ve learned that design inspirations run deep. Our design team takes the time to find out what is important to you and curtails a design to not only look natural to match the design of your home, but to also provide a wow factor. The dazzling pool featured in our first example below features a raised zero edge, giving it the appearance of floating slightly. Contrary to a flush zero edge, the water visibly flows over and hits a trough below. For this design, we developed an unobtrusive custom gutter system instead of using standard tanks, to keep the design clean and minimal.

The resort-like feel of this sleek backyard was completed by a luxurious spa. Situated next to the master bedroom and adjacent to massage tables, the spa itself is fully tiled in striking black to match the pool. Slightly elevated, it gives guests a lovely vantage point to take in the space in its entirety.

In the second pool featured in this video, you’ll see a great example of how California Pools & Landscape designs backyards to suit individual tastes and needs. In designing our projects for clients, we use functionality as a starting point. We move beyond pre-designed pools to create custom spaces with usability and style.

This pool was created to suit a family of divers. Our clients needed a specifically designed pool that allowed them to use a very specific diving board. They added on a lux spa, sheltered by a rock waterfall, and a shade structure for family fun and downtime.

Building A Backyard Pool With A Swim Up Bar

If you are dreaming of a large pool in your backyard with a swim up bar, this price range should be a fit for you to have your ultimate oasis. Whether relaxing with family or entertaining guests, a swim up bar can provide a luxurious option for enjoyment.

Another common feature we add to swim up bars is sunken bar stools, which helps add a luxurious touch to this special destination area. In the backyard pictured below, you will notice that the swim up bar was designed next to a sunken relaxation area, with plush lounge furniture centered around a large fire pit. These customers also added a water feature wall that created privacy from their view fence, as well as tiled roof structure that matches the look of their home.

Creating A Focal Point In Your Backyard

Pools in the $150K – $200K price range often will include the most luxurious touches, including premium design materials to highlight your focal point in the backyard. Our design experts have the know-how to achieve the perfect look and feel for your customized outdoor environment.

In the stunning backyard that is pictured below, our design team worked with the homeowner to center the raised spa in the focal point of the home. When the customers head outside to their backyard oasis, they walk down a travertine path to a custom pool, circular raised spa and pillars that have both water and fire features. All of these elements combine for a naturally stunning backyard environment.

In all of the projects featured at this price range, you can see how California Pools & Landscape works alongside clients to design and build their ultimate backyard. We see a space in its entirety and give our utmost attention to every small detail. We focus on the best use of space, utilizing natural features, such as views and vantage points, and creating harmony and symmetry throughout.

Design Your Ultimate Arizona Backyard Oasis

As you can see—there is no limit to the beauty and creativity in this price range! Whatever your budget, our design team is skilled in finding a backyard design that is perfect for your space and style. Our designers know how to see a space in its totality, and optimize every inch of yard, truly taking advantage of the space that is available to you. Your backyard remodel will add precious square footage to your home and give you more luxurious living space, indoors and out.

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