California Pools & Landscape Celebrates 35th Anniversary

California Pools & Landscape Celebrates 35th Anniversary


California Pools and Landscape is celebrating its 35th Anniversary of building pools and ultimate backyards in the Phoenix metropolitan area. With more than 35,000 projects completed all across the Valley of the Sun, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to impact so many lives in our growing community.

Formed in the kitchen of our founders, Mike & Joan Smith, the company started with a simple mission; Build premier pool and backyard spaces while always keeping the customer’s best interest in mind, and to do that while providing a rewarding work environment for employees and trade partners.

“I think Joan knew how unhappy I was at the ‘other’ pool company I was working for because I saw so many things that could be done so much better for customers and employees,” said founder Mike Smith. “At some point, I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t going to be able to continue to work in that environment. So I had this idea and brought it home, and I said Honey, great idea; it’s going to be less security and less money. I don’t know if it’ll work or not, but we’re going to do it.”

Since its humble beginnings in 1988, California Pools & Landscape has continued to grow, thanks to our customers sharing their amazing pool-building experiences with neighbors, friends, and family.

“In the early days, we had no employees. We worked out of our house, and I talked Joan into working for free,” said Mike Smith. “Then we started getting employees, and the why changed because the same difference you can make in someone's backyard, you can make in their lives by having a company where people loved coming to work. Somewhere everyone felt a part of something nobler and something grander than just going to work. It was great to see people's lives change for the better as a result of all of our efforts.”

With the 35-year legacy that the Smith family has built in the valley, many relationships that started out as business, have translated into a kinship far more valuable.

“I feel like our employees, our vendors, and our trades are friends,” said Joan Smith. “We’ve gotten to know so many families and see kids grow up, it’s been an amazing journey”

As the valley continues to grow, so does California Pools & Landscape. With four Design Centers centrally located throughout the valley, our staff is ready to help with your outdoor living dreams, whether you’re looking to build a cocktail pool, an ultimate backyard, or a large commercial pool project.

In December 2021, Cody Pools Inc acquired California Pools & Landscape. Led by President Jeremy Smith, the Smith family remains actively involved in the business. Cody Pools, ranked as the top Pool Builder in the US for 10 consecutive years by Pool & Spa News, brings valuable support to California Pools & Landscape. This partnership adds resources, purchasing power, and financial stability, enhancing the customer experience and ensuring the company's success for the next 35 years.

“As the president since 2002, I am excited about carrying forward the rich legacy of California Pools & Landscape, ensuring our dedicated customers in Arizona receive nothing but the finest pool-building experience." - Jeremy Smith

Our legacy and our future are built on a strong foundation of customers who will refer their neighbors, friends, and family.
If you’re thinking about building a pool in your Arizona backyard but aren’t quite sure where to start, lean on our experience in the Pool Buyer’s Prep Guide. We dive into all of the top questions we’ve gotten over the years, including pool cost, construction timelines, and financing. If you’d like to make this your last summer without a pool, you can meet with one of our talented designers, or get an estimate on your dream backyard!
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