Cost of Inground Pool Installation for a Pool & Spa
Cost of Inground Pool Installation for a Pool & Spa

Cost of Inground Pool Installation for a Pool & Spa

Are you looking to add a pool & spa in your backyard, but aren’t sure what the cost of inground pools would be? A combination of a pool and spa in your backyard is a great idea in Arizona. Having these two outdoor features will provide the opportunity to enjoy your own backyard oasis year round!

This question is the most popular one that we get at California Pools & Landscape. Our 35 years of experience building dream backyards in the state of Arizona has given us the know-how to provide a pricing range for you to establish a backyard budget.

The worst thing that you can hear when it comes to wanting to know the cost of inground pool & spa is that it depends. Unfortunately every backyard and project scope are unique, that’s true. But this article isn’t going to leave you hanging.

We’ll provide you with a dollar range of what you can expect to pay. We’ll also detail the multitude of factors that can affect your project’s cost range, such as: access to the yard, any demolition needed, utilities run, grading work and any city specific requirements.

In this article, we will provide you a baseline cost of inground pool & spa combos with the assumption that you have a construction ready backyard.

Now that the qualifiers are out of the way, are you ready to learn what the cost of inground pool & spa combos in Arizona?

Drumroll please….

Price Range For A Pool & Spa

$75,000 – $125,000

Cost of Inground Pool

Why A Pool & Spa Combo Makes Sense In Arizona

A pool and spa combination in the desert is a perfect pairing to create outdoor enjoyment during every season.

At California Pools & Landscape, we build shotcrete spas which are constructed with the same materials used on our pool shells. Creating outdoor destinations to go along with your pool open up the opportunities for complete nirvana in your custom outdoor living area.

At California Pools & Landscape, we are big proponents of the pool & spa combo and incorporating them both into your outdoor environment. There are numerous design options to consider when choosing a spa and they can affect the price significantly.

For the purposes of this article, we will be using the pricing for our CPL Standard Pool, which is $50,000 – $55,000. In most cases, adding a spa along with your pool will add $15,000 – $20,000. This will elevate the starting cost on your project from the $50,000 – $55,000 range to the $65,000 – $75,000 range.

When adding a spa there is more than just the structure that adds to the cost. Keep in mind some components that add to the overall price include:

  • Jets – Five spa jets on looped returns for equalized pressure are included on our typical spa.
  • Blowers – Blowers will help power the jets in the spa, creating a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Heater – This will heat your spa water up quickly.
  • Gas Lines – These will be run from the gas source to your pool equipment.

What Types Of Spas Are Available?

Shotcrete Spa

A shotcrete spa is a permanent structure with a shotcrete shell and interior surface to match your pool. A shotcrete spa can be designed and built in any shape but most typically they are circle or square shaped.

The price of a shotcrete spa is typically in the $15,000 – $20,000 range.

A shotcrete spa will include:

  • 3’ – 6’ Depth – the industry standard is 3’.
  • Double curtain steel reinforcement
  • Dedicated drain line
  • Seaglass Pebble Interior
  • Hayward 320 Color LED Light

Cost of Inground Pool

When designing a shotcrete spa, keep in mind there are several options available to you to best fit the style of your project. Shotcrete spas can be attached or detached from the pool, built on the same level as the pool or above it and can include stunning design features.

The four spa designs listed below are the most popular at California Pools & Landscape.

We are using $ to help delineate the price, the fewer $ next to the spa type the cheaper it is and the more $$$ next to a spa means that it is more expensive to build.

Level Spa

($) A Level spa sits on the same level as the pool and can offer easy transitions between the hot and cold water. Typically this design has the spa inside of a rectangle pool shape and it is often associated with a pool cover, but not always.

This design will typically include an interior step in the spa for a safe entry. A level spa will generally be the most affordable spa design out of the four types.

Elevated Spa

($$) This type of spa sits above the pool and is elevated over the project. An elevated spa often has a spillway into the pool or a memorable design feature. Typically this design is 6” above the pool with a single step into the spa, or 12” above the pool with two steps up.

This could also include a step inside the spa for an easier entry into the water. An elevated spa typically costs more than a level spa, but less than a Sit & Spin or perimeter spa.

Sit & Spin Spa

($$$) This is a signature California Pools & Landscape design, innovated to allow for sitting on the edge of the spa and then spinning around while seated to enter the spa. This design allows for no wasted seating space inside of the spa taken up by steps and can allow for beautiful displays of tile.

Oftentimes the exterior bench will be used as a bonus dry seat near other design features like a fire pit or other seating areas. This design style will be in the mid to high price range of spa as it typically integrates multiple design features and upgrades.

Perimeter Spill Spa with Zero edge

($$$$) This spa style is a design gem and will stand out on your project! A perimeter spa is covered in tile and oftentimes uses a 1”x1” glass tile to set it apart. With no visible edge, the water runs over smoothly creating a stunning show piece in your backyard design.

This type of spa will cost the most of the four designs especially with upgraded glass tiles on the perimeter facing walls.

Within your design style there are several design features that you could add to your spa that could add some pops of color and style. These upgraded design features can potentially increase the price of your project.

  • Tile dam wall with spillway
  • Optional steps in spa
  • Optional Split bench heights
  • Glass & specialty tile options
  • Bubbler or other water feature
  • Zero edge or negative edge

If you aren’t interested in a permanent spa structure there is still the option to add an Acrylic Spa to help complete your backyard oasis. Acrylic spas are often called Jauzzis or hot tubs and have several design configurations to choose from. At California Pools & Landscape we have one acrylic spa type available to use in your backyard.

Acrylic Spa

An acrylic spa is commonly referred to as a jacuzzi or hot tub. If you are wanting to integrate this option into your backyard plans, we offer one acrylic spa design that can be placed inside of a raised seating wall. This design will allow the spa area to tie in seamlessly with the rest of the backyard.

Cost of Inground Pool

If you’d like to purchase a different acrylic spa than what we offer, then one of our design specialists will place a concrete slab or decking of your choice in the desired location and you would arrange for the spa delivery and installation from the spa distributor of your choice.

The price of an above ground Acrylic Spa is typically in the $4,000 – $10,000 range in the marketplace.

Swim Spa

A Swim Spa is the perfect option for a swimming enthusiast that isn’t looking to take up a large portion of their yard with a pool. These large acrylic spas can provide you with a functional design for recreation, relaxation and entertainment.

Swim Spas are typically larger rectangles with a space to swim against a strong current while also providing space to be able to relax in the water.

The price ranges on above ground swim spas can vary greatly in the marketplace from $7,000 – $30,000 depending on the size and features you add.

Inground Pool

What Are My Design Options For A Pool & Spa Combo?

When designing your ultimate backyard, there are a number of decisions to make when it comes to design and the materials selected that can affect the cost of inground pools. Creating a custom extension of your home for outdoor living is a unique process that can be quite fun!

Your pool and spa combo can be custom drawn into a design style:

  • Modern – clean lines, geometric shapes, sharp angles
  • Organic – freeform design, natural color selections
  • Retro – classic look and design
  • Tuscan – a touch of Tuscany! Natural tones and majestic projects

What Variables Increase Or Decrease The Cost Of Inground Pool & Spa Combo?

There are variables that affect the cost of your pool that will be specific to your site conditions. They include: access to the backyard, utilities, elevations, demolition, and city jurisdiction. These variables are not going to be included in the above pricing as they are unique to every yard and will require an on-site visit to evaluate.

Factors that will increase the cost of inground pool & spa combo

  • Contractors having limited access to the backyard. If the access to your backyard from the street to the pool location is narrower than 10 feet, this will require a smaller piece of equipment to excavate. If you have limited access, this could result in us having to remove walls or gates.
  • Elevation changes and retaining walls. If your yard has elevation changes or existing retaining walls we will need to determine what yard prep, demo, or engineering that will be required to build a pool.
  • If your yard has drastic elevations, is a hillside lot, or in an area of difficult permit jurisdictions. Yards with drastic elevations, hillside lots, areas of difficult permit jurisdictions, yards that have unpermitted work onsite or jobs where we are building structures will require additional engineering costs to obtain permits.
  • If demolition or pregrade work is needed. The area in your yard where the project is located needs to be free of all landscaping, grass, and debris.
  • If abnormal soil conditions are present in your yard. Expansive, rocky, or kelechi soil will require additional costs with excavation and/or on the pool’s structure components.
  • If you select upgraded sanitation, automation, and cleaning systems. If you select items like in floor cleaning systems (pop-ups), Salt water systems, and Ozone/UV sanitizers or you want to control your pool/spa functions from a smartphone, this will increase the cost of your project.
  • If you have a utility run longer than 50ft. If the run from your pool & spa equipment to the electrical panel is over 50ft then additional costs will apply.
  • If your Skimmer run is longer than 15ft. If the run between the skimmer to the pool & spa equipment is over 15ft then additional costs will apply.
  • Adding more than the allotted sq ft of decking on your project. Adding more deck square footage then what is included with the standard play pool will be charged by the square foot.
  • Larger pools over 75ft perimeter and/or pools over 5ft deep. Larger and deeper pools will be charged by the increase in I.A. (internal area).
  • Adding additional features on the pool such as: baja shelf, water feature or fire features. Because we are a custom pool builder the options are endless! Our designers will help you design the perfect yard to best fit your budget. Knowing your budget is critical to the design process.
  • If you need safety barriers. Most cities will require safety barriers that prevent unauthorized entry to the pool area. Find out what your city requires here.

Factors that will decrease the cost of inground pool & spa

  • Choosing a smaller pool or spa. Designing a pool with a perimeter less than 75ft. Cocktail pools and spools are typically 60ft perimeter.
  • Coping only. Choosing to not extend your decking material past the coping. Coping is usually a paver that is 12 inches to 16 inches wide that is installed around the outside edge of the pool.
  • Downgrading interior material. Switching your interior from Seaglass Pebble Tec® to Cal Pebble can save you money without sacrificing quality.
  • Manual equipment controls. Switching your equipment controls from a wireless remote to manual switches.

Designing Your Dream Pool & Spa Combo

Now that you have a baseline of the cost of inground pool & spa combos and you’ve seen some design options, are you ready to get moving on a project of your own?

At California Pools & Landscape, we have a dedicated design team that will work with you to create an outdoor living environment that is truly an expansion of your home. If you’d like to set up a design consultation, our Customer Concierge team will speak with you and get you scheduled with one of our design specialists.

If you’d like to see some finished backyards containing several examples of our pool and spa combos that range in price from $75K – $150K, it will show off different design options and features that California Pools & Landscape offers.

*Please note that this article reflects 2022 pricing.

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