How Long Does It Take To Build A Pool In 2023? An Arizona Case Study.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Pool In 2023? An Arizona Case Study.

If you’ve been thinking about building a pool in your backyard to escape the brutal summer heat, chances are you’ve wondered how long the construction would take. In our 35 years of building pools in the Valley of the Sun, we’ve gotten that question a lot.

Over the past couple of years, construction timelines were drastically affected from the early part of 2020 due to the Covid pandemic through the middle of 2022. The construction industry faced unprecedented challenges in finding available labor and materials to efficiently complete projects. In Arizona, contractors also faced concrete allocation reductions and historic rainfall, and California Pools & Landscape was no exception.

Thankfully, we’ve seen a stabilization in our building timelines in 2023, and that has delivered a return to predictable timelines for completing projects efficiently and economically, which results in a happy pool owner!

In this article, we will dive into how our team of pool experts came together to create this alluring backyard oasis in Surprise, Arizona, in just three months!

Learn more about this 2023 pool build in Surprise, Arizona. Bryan Rafferty shares his customer experience and talks about his new backyard oasis.

About This Surprise Homeowner

Bryan Rafferty moved from Anaheim, California, and settled in Surprise, Arizona, for a new career opportunity. Initially, the new desert resident had no intentions of putting a pool in his backyard. After his first summer in Surprise, Rafferty had a change of heart. He then started the process of researching Arizona pool builders, looking at their products and reviews online while also talking with neighbors.

“I started looking around and talked to people that had been here and dealt with other pool companies,” said Rafferty. “Then I began doing some more research online, and California Pools had tons of information on the internet, as far as videos, descriptions of equipment, and how to budget for a pool. I looked at three other companies and got bids. By the end of that process, it was pretty clear cut that California Pools & Landscape was the right choice for me.”

Arizona Custom Pool Design

Rafferty scheduled an initial design consultation in our Surprise Design Center with designer Brian Magrath. Armed with hand-drawn sketches of his ideal paradise, Rafferty was pleasantly surprised by the interactive design process offered by California Pools & Landscape.

“I brought Brian a pretty crude mock-up of what I thought I wanted, and he was able to take that and input it into his system and design right in front of me. It was then on a TV screen where he showed me what I had, and we began to make some adjustments.”

Once Rafferty was happy with the design of his pool, he got to choose his favorite design materials from the vast array that are available in all four of our Design Centers in the valley.

“I really appreciated the professional environment to be able to sit there and design your pool; that was really nice,” said Rafferty. “Being able to go into the design center and look at the materials enabled me to pick the travertine, the rock, and the waterline tile and made making decisions easier. Then Brian plugged in the color of my travertine, Sea Glass Pebble interior, and waterline tile, and it was integrated into the 3D design on the screen in front of me. That 3D model even showed the direction of the sun, where it sets, and where the shade was going to be. It allowed me to pick the right type of plants, irrigation, and all of those things.

“It’s funny, I thought I knew what I really wanted, but by the conclusion of our design meetings, I knew what I truly needed or essentially what made the most sense for my yard.”

Building An Inground Pool In Arizona

Construction on Rafferty’s backyard oasis began with the excavation of the pool on January 23rd, 2023. The excavation was completed in one day and was a clean dig for a quick start on the backyard project. Less than two weeks later, our construction and scheduling team were able to complete the plumbing, steel, and electric on the project.

At this point of construction, the Rafferty project was ready for shotcrete. After experiencing a drastic shotcrete allocation reduction in 2022, pool builders faced a backlog of jobs that were waiting to be shot. This particular job entered the building cycle at a time when California Pools & Landscape was nearing the end of its shotcrete backlog. Through continuous communication and proper expectations, Rafferty was prepared to wait through any delays in the shotcrete phase.

“He let me know about the shotcrete backlog when we first met and let me know how tough that had been,” said Rafferty. “He was really upfront and wanted to make sure that I understood the issue and the timeline I’d be looking at.”

Following the shotcrete, our scheduling team coordinated a hardscape crew to install almost 700 sq ft of stunning Arctic White travertine pavers. The 12x24 travertine pieces were one change that Rafferty decided to make from the original plans when the material became available.

Once the travertine was installed and inspected, the project was three weeks from the finish line. The scheduling team was able to coordinate to get the waterline tile installed and pass all necessary quality checks and inspections before having the Sea Glass Pebble interior of the pool installed on April 20th, 2023.

After the acid wash of the interior surface, it was time to fill the pool and go through the project startup on April 27th, 2023, just over three months from the excavation of the pool.

“My pool construction process almost seemed hands-off,” said Rafferty. “Thanks to using the CPL Portal App, I knew what was going to happen next, I knew what to expect. It always happened when the schedule said it was going to happen, and everyone was very communicative on the app, which was nice for the busy lifestyle we all live.”

Arizona Backyard Transformation

For Rafferty, his backyard transformed from a dirt lot to a personal oasis, all in a matter of months.

“It not being completely dirt is huge,” said Rafferty. “This area here has a lot of really dark nights, so the star view is amazing. Having the pool lit with the landscaping now, it’s a great place to be at night. I spend a lot of time out here at night, whereas before, it was air conditioning and inside.

It’s a game-changer having the pool, and for years to come, I’m so excited to have a little oasis back here. It’s really cool, I love it.”

build a pool

Choosing the Right Arizona Pool Builder For You

If you’re looking for your own backyard transformation, there are a lot of factors to evaluate to decide what pool builder is right for you. Finding a company that can execute your design, meet your budget, and build you a quality product that will last are just a few of the factors you’re going to want to consider when comparing companies.

For Rafferty, the sales process set California Pools & Landscape apart from the other competition.

“From the Design Center to the Salespeople, all the way through the construction process, it was so easy. The whole experience was just awesome. I was really satisfied with them setting proper expectations and not being overpromised about the process.”

When making such a sizeable investment in your home, it helps to have a warranty to stand behind your newly created oasis. It’s crucial to carefully evaluate what warranties your builder is offering, especially if you are living in your forever home.

“The warranty makes making this big of an investment a little more reassuring, knowing that the company stands behind its work, has been around, and will be around going forward,” said Rafferty. “That was a big part of my decision.”

Ready To Create Your Oasis?

Hopefully, this Surprise oasis sparked some ideas for design elements that you might enjoy in your own backyard. Selecting pool and backyard elements, as well as design features, is a fun part of the process. It’s important to consider what will fit into your home’s environment and be enjoyed by you and your family.

The elements in this beautiful Surprise backyard are just a few of the many design options that we have available at California Pools & Landscape. We’ve built a page that houses all of the design ideas that could create your ultimate backyard experience. To see all more design ideas visit our Photo Galleries.

Love this pool design? If you’re ready to start with your dream yard design, get started with one of our talented designers.

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