What Type Of Pool Can I Get If My Budget Is $75 K – $150 K?

Are you ready to add a pool or do a backyard makeover, but aren’t quite sure where your budget will take you? If you’re looking to add a pool in your backyard, it can be tough to visualize what your budget will translate into for your outdoor living experience.

At California Pools & Landscape, we’ve been creating custom backyards of all sizes for over 35 years in Arizona. We’ve worked side by side with thousands of customers in this budget range to build the backyard of their dreams. This experience has given us the expertise to take care of every detail and make your pool building a breeze.

In this article we will examine the different backyard features that are typically added for projects that fall within the $75K – $150K range. There are many important factors that will determine a pool’s cost to give you all the information you need to plan your perfect pool!

The pools in the video above differ from those in the $75K & Under video because of size and the design features added. Pool size, lot conditions, jurisdiction, material choices, decking materials, fire features, water features, and other landscape features will all be considered when building a backyard oasis.

Adding A Spa To Your Inground Pool

If your backyard budget falls in the $75K – $150K price range, you will be able to include an inground pool & spa into your backyard living environment. A pool and spa combination makes a lot of sense in Arizona, so that you can enjoy your private oasis year round. Spas can be centerpieces unto themselves and include eye-catching water features that transition seamlessly into the vista.

In Arizona, building an inground pool and spa in your backyard will cost somewhere between $65,000 – $125,000. Most commonly, pools in this price range also can include other outdoor elements like barbecues or fire pits. Many of our custom backyard builds feature luxury living add-ons that enhance a home’s outdoor living area. Whether it’s relaxation, entertainment or recreation, building an inground pool and spa in your backyard can check all the boxes.

An Inground Pool With Landscaping Cost

If your backyard budget falls in the $75K – $150K price range and you don’t want an inground spa, there are several other design features you can add to create your ultimate oasis. Landscaping can dramatically change the look and feel of your backyard. This can include trees, shrubs, cacti, rocks and turf. In this price range, we also love to include shade structures and fire features for relaxing and entertaining.

Another great design feature we utilize for pools in this price range is stacked stone walls. These make great natural looking barriers that harmonize well with the surrounding landscape. When completed with dramatic potted succulents, you’ve created a beautiful desert oasis.

Pool shapes in this range run the gamut, from modern and crisp to free form and organic. We also take advantage of different decking materials to highlight different living areas and draw attention to certain parts of the backyard.

Building A Large Inground Pool

If you are dreaming of a large pool in your backyard oasis, this price range could be a fit for you to have your ultimate inground swimming pool. Increasing the size of the pool and adding features like a baja shelf, pool benches, raised pool walls, water features & fire features can all add to the cost.

Baja Shelves are one of our most popular add ons to pools because they offer a great opportunity to relax in the water and still soak up the Arizona sunshine. Another common feature we see is swim up bars with sunken stools, this luxury add on will take you to the top of this price range.

Design Your Ultimate Backyard Oasis

As you can see – there is no limit to the beauty and creativity in this price range! Whatever your budget, our design team is skilled in finding a backyard design that is perfect for your space and style. Our designers know how to see a space in its totality, and optimize every inch of yard, giving you true “bang for your buck.” Your backyard remodel will add precious square footage to your home and give you more luxurious living space, indoors and out.

Notice something that caught your eye? Get in touch today to schedule an online consultation with one of our award-winning designers.

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We are ready and waiting to help bring your ultimate backyard to life!

*Please note that this article reflects 2022 pricing.

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