Luxury Pools: What $200K+ Budgets Can Achieve

Are you ready to add a pool or do a backyard makeover, but aren’t quite sure where your budget will take you? If you’re looking at luxury pools to add to your backyard, it can be tough to visualize what your budget will translate into for your outdoor living experience.

At California Pools & Landscape, we’ve been creating custom backyards of all sizes for over 35 years in Arizona. We’ve worked side by side with thousands of customers in this budget range to build the ultimate backyard of their dreams. This experience has given us the expertise to take care of every detail and make your pool building a breeze.

In this article we will examine the different backyard features that are typically added for pool projects that fall within the budget range of $200K & up. There are many important factors that will determine a pool’s cost and we are here to give you all the information you need to plan your perfect pool!

The pools in the video above show a variety of design styles that are available in this budget range. These ultimate backyards key in on functionality & creating the ultimate outdoor living environment.

The prices of these projects vary mostly due to size of the pool and the additional design features added. Your pool size, lot conditions, jurisdiction, material choices, decking materials, fire features, water features, and other landscape features will all be considered when creating a budget for your backyard oasis. The projects in this price range typically feature tricked out pools & spas, extensive landscaping, fire features plus outdoor kitchens or ramadas.

Building Your Ultimate Backyard with Luxury Pools

So what is an ultimate backyard? The short answer is anything you can imagine under the sun! Our design team works to create multiple “destination areas” throughout your yard. From full-service custom kitchens, to sheltered seating areas and swim-up bars – it’s as if you’ve added several more rooms to your home.

An ultimate backyard means that you have extended your living space to the outdoors and optimized your home for both rest and play! Host friends for drinks around the fire, to watch the game from your outdoor living room, or fire up the barbeque for dinner under the stars!

If your backyard budget is in the $200K & up price range, you will be able to include an inground pool & spa, plus some additional destination areas into your backyard living environment. Our designers and clients can get truly creative with material selection and create a one-of-a-kind piece of art when building backyards in this price range. Creating your ultimate backyard and building luxury pools make a lot of sense in Arizona as the weather throughout the year makes outdoor living ideal.

Luxury pools

The first ultimate backyard featured in our video has a gorgeous view of Camelback Mountain. Our design team went to work with the customer to create a one of a kind outdoor living space. The design materials were chosen specifically by the customer to appear like they were naturally rusted around the pool.

This ultimate backyard features a large inground pool, elevated overflow spa, a grand outdoor dining area and a stunning fireplace. The special design touches add character to the yard and set this design apart from the rest!

The landscaping & lighting add the final ultimate touches, allowing the natural elements of the desert environment to blend into the backyard.

Luxury pools

Extending Your Living Space To Your Backyard

When dreaming of building luxury pools and a backyard oasis, remember that the design can be as unique as your home. Our design team will work to create a custom design that will highlight the aspects of outdoor living that are important to you.

The Scottsdale backyard in the picture above was designed to complement the architecture of the home, with design inspirations from Frank Lloyd Wright. The clients worked with our design team to ensure that they had an ultimate backyard that looked like it’d always been a part of the home.

This outdoor environment features several destination areas and special design features that make it a one of a kind backyard. The contemporary design is highlighted by the travertine decking, glass tiled overflow spa and raised fire pit. This backyard checks all of the boxes for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying the Arizona lifestyle.

Luxury pools

Design Your Ultimate Backyard Oasis

As you can see—there are truly no limits to the beauty and creativity in this price range! Whatever your budget, our design team is skilled in finding a backyard design that is perfect for your space and style. Our designers know how to see a space in its totality and optimize every inch of yard, building luxury pools and giving you true “bang for your buck.” Your backyard remodel will add precious square footage to your home and give you more luxurious living space, indoors and out.

Notice something that caught your eye? Get in touch today to schedule an online consultation with one of our award-winning designers.

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We are ready and waiting to help bring your ultimate backyard to life!

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