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Our Pool Design Ideas series was created to help spark ideas of what might be a good fit for you in your backyard. When you’re starting the process of building a pool, there are numerous decisions to make. A great place to get started is with the pool design and design elements. Whether it’s a freeform or geometric design, with modern, tuscan, or retro design elements; it’s really about the look that fits your home.

At California Pools & Landscape, we’ve been creating custom pools in the valley of the sun for more than 35 years. We’ve designed thousands of geometric pools of all shapes and sizes, to meet the desires of every client.

About This Peoria Home

These Peoria homeowners were looking for a pool and recreational space that would maximize their space in the yard. Their original yard was fully landscaped, but they gutted it down to dirt and reimagined what the backyard could be. This led to a geometric pool with several design preferences that they’d seen throughout the years, including a taste for symmetry and clean lines. They wanted a pool with enough space for activities for their kids and a splash free zone for ultimate relaxation.

This backyard design is inviting, combining natural looking design materials along with vibrant blue tile accents. The pool and surrounding decking are balanced out by the large artificial turf area beside it. The geometric pool with the raised water wall is the focal point of the yard, with natural color tones that lead from the home. Functionality was a focus in the design, taking advantage of the available space in the yard. This play pool is large enough to host pool basketball games and also offers a relaxing space to get away from the action.

A Geometric Pool With Design Splashes

The geometric pool is the highlight of this backyard design, offering several opportunities for entertainment, relaxation and recreation in its vicinity. The geometric pool is 15ft x 30ft, with several design aspects that shine in the Arizona sun. It features a raised water wall, a large baja shelf, a fire pit and several tile accents.

The pools’ Arctic Sea Glass Pebble interior creates a sparkling blue look that pairs beautifully with the Oceans Marine waterline tile. The entrance to the pool is a rectangle step that sits 6” above the baja shelf. The 58 sqft baja shelf sits 15” under the water line and offers an alluring space to lounge comfortably in the shallow water. Like many of our outdoor living projects, the details in the design sparkle! Single rows of the 1×1 Jules Bright Cobalt Blue Blend sit on the edge of the entry step, baja shelf, pool bench and step down to the pool floor.

The fire pit adds a design pop covered with the 1×1 Jules Bright Cobalt Blue Blend tile and sits in the focal point from the patio. The fire pit is 12” tall off of the deck and sits along the edge of the pool and baja shelf. Pecan travertine coping caps the top of the fire pit and also runs along the perimeter of the pool. The 7ft x 4ft fire pit is filled with volcanic rock and offers a great area to entertain on cool desert nights.

The 15 ft wide raised water wall sits at the far end of the pool, providing a stunning backdrop and water feature. The wall is covered in Marbella stacked stone that ties in beautifully to the pool deck and Pecan travertine coping. The 48” Smooth Flow Scupper adds quite the ambiance in the yard, creating a backyard waterfall.

Incorporating Design Elements Throughout The Yard

Incorporating design elements throughout the yard and maximizing your available space is always at the top of the list for our design team. The geometric design elements in this yard are present in more than just the pool. The covered patio, step pads, Acrylic Lace Deck in Mohave and CPL Designer Synthetic Turf all have clean lines and angles.

The patio just off the home is topped with 270 sqft of Pecan travertine, tying in beautifully to the other travertine accents in the yard. Geometric step pads sit in between the granite rock and lead to the pool. An outdoor bbq grill sits in the middle of a 9ft x 3 ft island that features a simulated wood grain tile top.

Designing Your Own Backyard Oasis

Hopefully, these pool design ideas helped you figure out some design elements that you might enjoy in your backyard design. Selecting pool and backyard elements as well as design features is a fun part of the process. It’s important to consider what will fit into your home’s environment and be enjoyed by you and your family.

The elements in this beautiful Peoria backyard are just a few of the many design options that we have available at California Pools & Landscape. We’ve built a page that houses all of the modern design ideas that could create an ultimate backyard experience. To see all more design ideas visit our Photo Galleries.

Love this pool design idea? If you’re ready to start with your dream yard design, get started with one of our talented designers.

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