Sea Glass Pebble Interiors

Sea Glass Pebble Interiors


From sparkle and durability to colors and value, this interior pool surface is a dream come true

Looking for a smooth, durable and sparkly interior surface for your pool and spa? Look no further than Sea Glass, California Pools & Landscape’s proprietary blend of custom materials.

Material Mix

To create the ideal consistency, we first blend 80% PebbleTec® with our own smooth 100% iridescent Sea Glass pebbles (20%, which is among the highest ratio in the industry). Next we combine this mixture with our blended cement and color dye, which allows us to create 10 distinctive color choices. A popular addition is Abalone shell, which, when added to this mixture, will further increase the amount of sparkle to your pool.

Smooth Finish

If you’ve ever stepped into a pool that felt rough on your feet, you know first-hand how miserable a pool surface made with substandard rock feels. On the flip side, our Pebble choice and installation methods create a bumpy, but smooth feel, similar to that of an orange peel. Kick the comfort level up yet another notch by adding Sea Glass — it may sound counter-intuitive, but the glass rises to the surface, giving it a very smooth finish.

Decades of Durability

We’re proud to say that our pioneering and introduction of Pebble products in the early 1990s changed pool ownership forever. Prior to that, pool owners were burdened by a series of expensive and annoying chores: “drain and acid-wash your plaster” every few years and “chip and redo your plaster” every 10 years. And in between, pools were rough, discolored and stained. Yuck! Because we switched to Pebble, we are able to offer a lifetime material warranty on this finish — we know of 25-year-old pools that are still flawlessly flaunting their original pebble finishes.

Color Choices

Our customers enjoy bringing their own vision of their pool to life — and choosing colors is a big part of the design process. The color of the water in your pool is affected by the interior color, sky reflection, and surrounding tile and landscape elements. As such, we offer a variety of colors options — including Abalone and Sea Glass, which dramatically enhances every look. While the early days of Pebble were mostly focused on natural looks and brown rock (which translated into a slightly green water color), current trends typically feature a range of bright and deeper blue hues. Of course, we still offer choices for more natural-looking pools, if that’s what you’re seeking.


Because of its long-standing durability, Sea Glass is one of the most economical choices you can make when building a new pool or resurfacing an existing one. “Either Pebble or Pebble with Sea Glass is likely the best dollar a client can spend,” says Jeremy Smith, President of California Pools & Landscape. “The Sea Glass upgrade is in the hundreds-of-dollars-per-pool range, not thousands! Look, feel, and durability are greatly enhanced by this small investment. I would say 90% of our customers upgrade to a Pebble product — and more than 50% of them upgrade to Sea Glass. You just can’t go wrong with this choice.”

Looking for more information on materials for your next backyard project? Our product blogs and videos are the perfect place to start!

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