Pool Design Ideas: Freeform Pool Shapes In Phoenix

Our Pool Design Ideas series was created to help spark ideas of what might be a good fit for you in your backyard. When you’re starting the process of building a pool, there are numerous decisions to make. A great place to get started is with the pool design and design elements. Whether it’s a freeform pool shapes or geometric design, with modern, tuscan, or retro design elements; it’s really about the look that fits your home.

At California Pools & Landscape, we’ve been creating custom pools in the valley of the sun for more than 35 years. We’ve designed thousands of freeform pools of all shapes and sizes, to meet the desires of every client.

About This Phoenix Backyard Treasure

This Phoenix client came to California Pools & Landscape looking to add a freeform pool, spa & fire pit to their backyard environment. Matching the natural desert tones of the home and surrounding environment was a priority for the homeowner. Starting the project with an existing ramada and pavers created a footprint for the large freeform pool. Creating multiple destinations for swimming, entertainment and relaxation was important for this homeowner in order to maximize their backyard.

The large freeform pool is the focal point of the backyard, lining up with the attached spa and the existing shade structure. With multiple usable areas in the backyard, this space has something for everyone. The backyard features Sierra Blend Holland Stone concrete pavers that create a large footprint around the pool and match the look of the existing pavers. They surround the pool, spa, fire pit and carry to the ramada. This client also added landscaping and artificial turf in order to create different areas for entertaining and recreation.

Freeform Pool Shapes In Phoenix

A Freeform Pool Shapes & Spa Design

These freeform pool shapes immediately catch your eye on this backyard project, featuring a 15” high water wall. The lagoon shaped pool is over 18,000 gallons and features a 141 square foot baja shelf that sits 9 inches under the waterline.

The raised water wall has four 16” Stainless Steel Smooth Flow scuppers. The curved wall sets a nice backdrop for the pool, covered with San Miguel Travertine and capped with San Miguel Vein Cut Travertine Pavers. The spa sits in the center of the water wall and features a contrasting Golden Canadian Stacked Stone, which also covers the two pillars that flank the wall. The pool is surrounded by 77-linear feet of San Miguel Vein Cut Tumbled Edge pool coping that contrasts nicely with the darker pavers.

The natural color palette of the backyard continues with the Manitoba waterline tile that transitions to the brilliant Arctic Sea Glass Pebble interior with double abalone for extra sparkle. The baja shelf offers a transition into the pool and a nice area for relaxation in the water. An additional 11ft bench in the far end of the pool offers another retreat and area to relax.

The pool lights up brilliantly at night with three Hayward ColorLogic 320 lights. These offer an added luxury for entertaining at night or enjoying an evening on the patio deck.

Drone View of Freeform Pool Shapes In Phoenix

Incorporating Design Elements Throughout The Yard

The design of the yard is tied together with the large deck of concrete pavers that surround a majority of the activity areas. The fire pit is covered with the Golden Canadian stacked stone and capped with the same travertine coping as the water wall and pillars. The 4’ x 4’ pit is 16” high and is filled with volcanic rock.

Desert landscaping and artificial turf were added to add to the natural feel of the environment. A Mediterranean Fan Palm and Bougainvilleas were added to the area directly beyond the pool. Over 500sq ft of California Select artificial turf offers a lush green environment plus plenty of room for outdoor activities.

Landscape View of Freeform Swimming Pool In Phoenix Freeform Pool Shapes

Designing Your Own Backyard Oasis

Hopefully, these pool design ideas will help you figure out some design elements that you might enjoy in your backyard design. Selecting pool and backyard elements as well as design features is a fun part of the process. It’s important to consider what will fit into your home’s environment and be enjoyed by you and your family.

The elements in this Phoenix backyard are just a few of the many design options that we have available at California Pools & Landscape. We’ve built a page that houses all of the freeform pool shapes design ideas that could create an ultimate backyard experience. To see all more design ideas visit our Photo Galleries.

Love this pool design idea? If you’re ready to start with your dream yard design, get started with one of our talented designers.

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