Pool Ideas: Chandler Contemporary

Our Pool Design Ideas series was created to help spark pool ideas of what might be a good fit for you in your backyard. When you’re starting the process of building a pool, there are numerous decisions to make. A great place to get started is with the pool design and design elements. Whether it’s a freeform or geometric design, with modern, tuscan, or retro design elements; it’s really about the look that fits your home.

At California Pools & Landscape, we’ve been creating custom pools in the valley of the sun for more than 35 years. We’ve designed thousands of modern geometric pools of all shapes and sizes, to meet the desires of every client.

About This Chandler Home’s Pool Ideas

These Chandler homeowners were looking for a geometric pool with a linear design and elegant feel. Replicating design elements from inside the home was also important so that it could be a seamless environment for entertainment. Creating a focal point in the yard was also desired to change the view from inside the home.

This backyard design is elegant and eye catching, because of the materials selected and contemporary color palette. To match the modern look and feel of the home, the backyard incorporates a geometric design with the pool, artistic pavers, turf and step pads. This backyard exudes a Paradise Valley feel with areas to entertain and relax in style.

Chandler Contemporary Swimming Pool Ideas

A Geometric Pool & Baja Shelf

This elegant geometric pool with a large Baja shelf sits with a long raised wall beyond it that has both water and fire features. The pool is 32’6” long and the fire pit and pool walls cover 28’ of that distance, catching your eye as soon as you look into the yard. The Black Quartz Ledgestone stacked stone covers the fire pit and matches brilliantly with the glass tile along the raised water walls.

The pools’ Arctic Sea Glass Pebble interior creates a vibrant blue and runs into the contemporary colored waterline tile. The pool’s edge adds a design flair with 12×12 Platinum Grey Artistic Pavers. The Baja Shelf offers a large area for seating measuring 11’x7’ with a depth of 21” offering a nice environment to cool off! Steps were added on each side of the pool that run the entire width of the pool, offering plenty of area for entertaining.

Pool Ideas Water Features

Incorporating Design Elements Throughout The Yard

The design of the yard is tied together with artistic pavers, artificial turf and natural landscaping. The gorgeous Platinum Grey Granitelock Artistic Pavers create a large deck area next to the pool and several geometric step pads that go throughout the yard.The artificial turf adds a beautiful contrast to the artistic pavers and a large area for enjoyment.

The landscaping adds an element of serenity and privacy to this natural paradise. The perimeter fence of the backyard is lined with ficus trees that provide a color pop and added privacy.

Chandler Contemporary Swimming Pool Landscape View Pool Ideas

Designing Your Own Backyard Oasis

Hopefully, these pool ideas helped you figure out some design elements that you might enjoy in your backyard design. Selecting pool and backyard elements as well as design features is a fun part of the process. It’s important to consider what will fit into your home’s environment and be enjoyed by you and your family.

The elements in this beautiful Chandler backyard are just a few of the many design options that we have available at California Pools & Landscape. We’ve built a page that houses all of the geometric pool ideas that could create an ultimate backyard experience. To see all more design ideas visit our Photo Galleries.

Love this pool design idea? If you’re ready to start with your dream yard design, get started with one of our talented designers.

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