How To Choose The Best Waterline Tile For Your Pool

Best Waterline Tile For Your Pool

Waterline tile on a pool is most likely something that you haven’t had to ever think about before. It’s such a small detail but since this is your pool, it feels like and is a big deal. If you’re looking at the wide variety of tile options available and feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone.

California Pools & Landscape has helped clients pick their waterline tile for over 35 years. We understand that it is a unique design feature for every pool and we are going to walk you through what waterline tile is, what options you have, how to choose it, and what costs are involved. By the end of this article, you will have a good idea of what type of tile and color theme you’ll like for your project.

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What is waterline tile?

Waterline tile is installed at the waterline just under your deck edging or pool coping. This tile is often installed on raised water feature walls, spa spillways, step trim and other focal points in the pool. In addition to being a decorative element, waterline tile protects the pool interior from sun and chemical damage. As well as allows for easy cleaning.

The majority of pool tile is manufactured from porcelain or glass featuring almost unlimited colors, sizes, and styles. Travertine, clay, and stone tiles are not recommended for waterline pool tile.

All waterline tile needs to be rated for outdoor submersible use and be frost protected. It is important because If it is not rated for outdoor submersible pool use, there is a potential that it will degrade or lose adhesion. If it is not frost protected, then it could crack. All waterline tile options in California Pools & Landscape design centers meet these qualifications.

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How to choose your waterline tile

There are two main design choices to choose between. A tile that will either add a pop of color to the pool or a neutral color that blends into the surrounding environment.

To enhance the pool’s water color, a blue or teal colored tile is best. For a more natural look or to compliment the pool deck, a tile with colors found in natural stone works nicely.

Don’t worry, your designer will walk you through the tile selection process to make sure you find the perfect match to both your pool design and desired aesthetic.

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Pricing of waterline tile

You can personalize your style and stay on budget! Here at California Pools & Landscape, we offer over 100 standard choices of waterline tile that are included in every pool we build. Standard tile is typically porcelain and comes in a 6”x 6” size.

All of our standard tile selections are marked in our design centers with a blue dot. Anything different from a blue dot tile will be an upgrade and your designer will be able to review those costs with you.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Choosing a waterline tile is a small detail compared to the other elements that need to be chosen for your pool. We love what we do and we have resources and processes set in place to make material selections a fun and enjoyable experience. We have three design centers throughout the Valley to make it convenient to choose your project materials. Our design centers feature products and materials recommended and provided by our committed trade partners.

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