The California Pools and Landscape Experience

The California Pools and Landscape Experience

California Pools & Landscape seeks to improve the lives of our clients by building premier outdoor living areas. We believe that the experiences our clients enjoy with family and friends are uniquely American and part of the Arizona outdoor lifestyle. The challenge California Pools & Landscape accepts with enthusiasm is to expand that experience beyond the enjoyment of the final product. We expect to not only deliver on the final product, but we demand that our processes and people create a quality building experience for you as well.

The commitment to our customers has been a tradition since 1988 when California Pool’s founder, Mike Smith, focused on creating a company and a way of doing business that was different. His vision was unique in the pool industry and the result of this customer-focused philosophy has been unparalleled. We have grown from a home-based business to one of the top builders in the nation through our service standards and passion for excellent building practices.

With over 35,000 projects built, we are the only pool and landscape company in Arizona to have received the highly coveted Better Business Bureau’s International Torch Award for Ethics.

We are the most nationally awarded pool company for pool design innovation by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. As a family owned and operated business this is a legacy and responsibility we are proud to carry forward far into the future.

Our unique set of skills separate us from all other pool builders and landscapers. Design professionals work with each client to create a project that is aesthetically beautiful, fulfills the desired functions of the space and is value engineered to fit within the family budget. Our construction excellence, technological innovation, and quality control skills have been forged by thirty years of great concern for our clients. For us, it is not enough to have a great end result, our standards dictate that the process getting there be a great one for you and your family.

Ultimate Backyard Experience

California Pools & Landscape is equal parts designer, builder and project management company. We use our vast experience to provide the best of all worlds in landscape design, pool building and general contracting. This benefits our clients by having one team responsible for design, budgets and construction quality, which streamlines the project and reduces the overall cost of planning and building of the project. Having one responsible contractor allows for no duplication of efforts and a proactive building approach that saves both money and time.

Pool Experience

Over the last 35 years, California Pools & Landscape has been leading the trends in all aspects of backyard water fun! From grottoes to lazy rivers, we can build water features of every description. Our expertise in simplifying pool maintenance can help you enjoy your pool and spa year-round with your friends and family. We can create play pools where you enjoy a variety of pool sports, design diving pools to show off your tricks, add customized water features and have a variety of LED lighting to create a special light show for your next pool party! Pools are essential in our summer heat and our process will guarantee an enjoyable experience both in and out of the water.

Landscape Experience

Almost a dozen years ago, we recognized the need to deliver a better experience to our clients and the result has led California Pools & Landscape to become one of the premier landscape design build firms in the Valley. Today, we design and install landscapes of all descriptions. Some projects are indeed around our pools but many are in front yards or existing backyards with or without pools. Having one contractor handle all aspects of your landscaping ensures the one company is responsible for drainage and warranty protecting your investment.

Whatever your situation, trust that our demanding adherence to quality standards will give you the highest quality landscape available. Our commitment to your family will deliver an experience that is second to none.

Remodel Experience

Remodeling a pool or landscape is often more technically difficult than an original installation. Our thirty-year experience and dedication to our clients will overcome any surprises and deliver an amazing product. We specialize in structural changes such as pool depth conversions, adding spas to pools and installing baja/tanning shelves. We have even been known to demo existing pools and start from scratch! By using modern materials and cutting edge design techniques, we can turn any backyard into a paradise no matter its current condition.

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