Are You Ready To Schedule Your Pool Appointment?


So you’re ready to put your dream pool in your backyard and schedule your first appointment with a pool builder. Are you wondering what you’re going to need for that meeting and what will be covered? We understand it can be an overwhelming thought when you aren’t sure what to expect from that initial meeting.

At California Pools & Landscape, we’ve helped over 35,000 customers get into a new pool. Through this experience, we’ve learned and developed what we think is the best possible process for a first pool appointment. As you are evaluating bids and looking at multiple pool builders, this is what you should be looking for to get the most out of your initial consultation.

If you’re getting ready for your first appointment, that means you already know the companies that you’re interested in doing business with, and you’ve established an overall budget for your project. Now the fun begins!

What a designer does during this first appointment is discuss aesthetics and function. Basically, you’ll talk about what you want the yard to look like and what you plan to do in the living space. The designer will take the consideration of aesthetics and function along with your budget, and merge them together to create a design that you love.

So how do they do that?

In this video, we’ll break down exactly what to expect on your first pool appointment so you can be one step closer to swim time!

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