Preparing Your Pool For Monsoon Season in Arizona
Preparing Your Pool For Monsoon Season in Arizona

Preparing Your Pool For Monsoon Season in Arizona

In Arizona we know that July brings two things: excessive heat and monsoon storms. Monsoons can include high winds and heavy rainfall along with thunder and lightning. They can wreak havoc on landscaping and cause flooding in your yard. California Pools & Landscape has been a premier pool builder in the Valley of the Sun for over 35 years. We’ve built over 35,000 pools and helped customers maintain them, even after monsoon storms strike.

Now that triple digit temperatures have arrived, your pool is great to help you beat the heat. But how do you help protect your pool from monsoon storm damage?

We’ve got 10 tips to not only help you get your pool and backyard ready, but to also help it return to swimming condition after a big storm.

Ten Tips To Keep Your Pool Clean During Monsoon Season

  • Balance your water chemistry
  • Prepare your filtration system
  • Clear your deck and patio
  • Do not pre-drain the water from your pool
  • Consider not putting your pool cover on
  • Trim trees or bushes in your yard
  • Protect your pool equipment
  • Prevent flooding
  • Plan for maintenance afterwards
  • Pool safety

Preparing Your Pool For Monsoon Season in Arizona

Balance Your Water Chemistry

Whether you have a pool service or maintain your own pool, water chemistry is important! Ensure your carbonated alkalinity is where it should be (80 – 120 ppm), your pH is properly adjusted (ideal range between 7.4 – 7.6) and that you have plenty of active chlorine available.
A non-copper based algaecide can be a good preventative measure. These types of algaecide disrupt the cell membranes of algae making it easier for chlorine to kill it. Be prepared to super chlorinate or shock your pool after the storm as part of the clean-up. This will eliminate bacteria created by rain water, dust & debris.

Run your equipment for 24 hours or more if necessary, to remove the dirt. If you have problems with your water chemistry levels, you can schedule a 12-point inspection with our California Pools & Landscape Service Department.

Prepare your filtration system to handle the aftermath of the storm

This preparation includes cleaning your cartridges or grids. If your filter is already dirty (i.e. high pressure on gauge), expecting it to adequately clean up the pool could be disappointing or can even damage your filter media or the internals.

Clear Your Deck and Patio

Remove outdoor furniture, toys, umbrellas or other debris that can fly around your yard and damage your pool, pool decking, equipment or even your home.

Do Not Pre-Drain the Water From Your Pool

It’s important to keep your pool filled to the proper level, which is in the middle of the skimmer opening. This allows proper filtration and circulation of the water through your system. If several inches of rain pour down during a storm, be prepared to drain large amounts of water, especially if it should begin to reach the top of your water line tile.

The transition at the top of your tile is a natural cold joint between your pool and your decking. Allowing water to reach this area could create damage to your deck or even your structure. This damage will not be covered by most warranties.

Consider NOT Putting Your Pool Cover On

When a monsoon storm is approaching, your first inclination might be to put your pool cover. During a storm the cover can help keep dirt and debris out of the pool. However, it won’t help with high winds and can even make it more difficult to remove anything that’s blown into the pool. In most cases, removing the pool cover after a storm will dump anything that’s on its surface into the pool, especially when water is on top of it.

Trim Trees or Bushes in Your Yard

This will keep the amount of debris around your pool to a minimum making clean-up easier to manage. Inspect the condition of larger trees near your home or around your pool. It is common for some types of trees, especially those with shallow roots, to blow over during a storm.

Protect Your Pool Equipment

You do this by turning off breakers or covering the equipment before a storm. Electrical surges commonly accommodate monsoon storms and can damage your electronics. Don’t forget to turn off ALL the breakers in your equipment control panel. Most automation systems are controlled on the light circuit or a separate breaker, not the pump circuit.

Prevent Flooding

When a monsoon storm hits, rain can come down in buckets. Typically Phoenix sees 33% of its annual rainfall during the monsoon season, averaging 2.71 inches. You want to ensure that you have proper drainage away from your deck structure, your home, and your pool equipment to prevent flooding. This is achieved with a sloping grade, allowing water to flow naturally away from your home.

Plan for Maintenance Afterwards

A pool is a big investment and the more time spent cleaning, skimming, and vacuuming will go a long way to get you and your family back in the pool faster. Once your pool is cleaned-up, clean your filter media. If you have a sand filter, you may need to backwash several times through this process.

Don’t forget to also check the skimmer, pump, and leaf baskets! These can fill up with debris following a storm and will need to be emptied out.

Pool Safety

Focusing on clean-up after a storm is important…for us. For your kids, it’s play time. Monsoons can create a big mess to clean up, which will certainly require your focus and time. Always be mindful of the most important things in your life by always watching your children around your pool.

Keep Your Pool Swim Ready

Remember, pools are fun! In Arizona we have a longer swimming season than most parts of the country. Dealing with the aftermath of a monsoon storm can be frustrating, but it’s worth it to enjoy the pool. If you’re able to address the preventative measures we detail above before a storm hits, your cleanup should be a breeze!

Most importantly, please be safe during a monsoon storm. Make sure to properly maintain your pool equipment because it can have some major work to do after a big storm.
If any of your pool equipment is damaged during a storm or doesn’t seem to be functioning properly, we are here to help! Oftentimes your equipment will be covered by our outstanding warranties. Remember our service technicians can come out for a 12-point inspection on your pool system to make sure it’s running great for the rest of the year! Contact the California Pools & Landscape Service Department: 480-712-8800

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