Mortgage Financing For Your Pool


Considering how to finance your backyard vision? Mortgage financing is a popular and economical way to pay for your pool. Read on and let us guide you through this cost-effective route to your dream backyard!

How Mortgage Financing Works

Once you decide you want to buy a pool and would like to include it in your mortgage, our first step will be reaching out to your lender. Each lender has varying requirements and regulations, and we will take the lead on communicating with the lender to fulfill these requirements.

Lenders realize that it is critical to have a stable pool company building your pool. They want to ensure you have a company that is going to get the job done well and on time. To this end, lenders often have requirements such as proof of the pool company’s licensing. Our in-house team of financing experts is here to submit everything needed to get you on your way to swimming!

Costs Involved

The cost of bundling the pool into a mortgage will vary based on the type of mortgage you have. Influential factors include the length of your mortgage (such as a 15 year or 35 year) and the interest rate on your loan. As each lender is different, we suggest clients contact them as soon as possible in order to make the process smoother.

How We Can Help

We let lenders know that we are able to wait for payment until the project’s completion, if that is required. This is important—many other builders are unable to offer this service, and it can be critical to a financing arrangement. In addition, some lenders require that we put forward additional funds to ensure we finish your project. California Pools & Landscape is able to offer 50% of the contract price, at no cost to you.

Closing the Deal

As you approach your closing date, we will be working closely with your lender to make sure that the project is paid for in the most seamless way possible. We liaise with your lender to make sure that all paperwork is in order, that we have fulfilled all of their requirements, and that we can get your project built in the time they require.

Normally, when someone closes on a home, the funds are released to a homebuilder. But when there is a pool involved, the lender is able to hold back the pool funds. This process involves a document known as a holdback agreement, which outlines the specifics. We then move to sign the paperwork immediately and pass along to your builder promptly, so there are no delays that could impact your closing.

We are here to guide our customers through every step of the financing process, ensuring that it is as smooth and clear as possible. Our team is your best resource, and here to help make your dream backyard a reality!

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