Modern Desert Beauty

Modern Desert Beauty


This incredible backyard was designed to accentuate the home’s dramatic lines and blend seamlessly into the surrounding desert landscape, all while paying homage to the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright style. In fact, a contemporary of the celebrated master designed this unique home.

One of the property’s most attractive features was its location, with panoramic views of Four Peaks and Thumb Butte. Our design team sought to showcase the great natural foundation we were working with while also creating privacy and harmony with the surrounding desert.

After consulting with the clients, our designer put together an initial rendering. To our delight, the client responded with two simple words: “Nailed it!” The highest compliment, of course!

Focal Points

Anyone who enters this ultimate backyard is likely to be stopped in their tracks by the jaw-dropping spa. We capitalized on the hilly topography and situated the sit and spin, zero-spill spa three feet above the pool. This gives people relaxing in the spa a beautiful view of the pool and natural landscape, while also utilizing the height to feed into the pool, creating an understated but amazingly elegant primary water feature.

custom pool build

The spa itself was wrapped in iridescent glass tile, so as the light plays off the tile throughout the day it gives off a shimmering iridescence. When in shadow, it becomes more understated and harmoniously blends in with the surrounding desert.

What’s more, every aspect of this backyard was designed with immaculate precision – each sight line highlights a central gathering point or natural feature. From the spa, these lucky clients have a perfect view of both Four Peaks and Pinnacle Peak!

Throughout the yard, we made intentional decisions with lines, textures, and colors to highlight the vividness of the pool and make it a true centerpiece. It sits at a slightly lower elevation and wraps around the central part of the house, giving the homeowners a clear view from the main interior portion of the house. The pool’s Baja step features elegant Ledge Loungers—indulgent chaise lounges that can be partially submerged with an umbrella. It doesn’t get much better than poolside relaxing with built-in shade!

custom water features

Every gathering point of the backyard was designed with fluidity and interconnectedness in mind. Naturally, the outdoor kitchen and barbeque area were built with the same ethos—they face the pool, making it easy for people in different areas of the yard to engage. The exterior of the barbeque area was wrapped in the spa’s iridescent tile, while the countertop was finished with an understated 6×24 vintage ceramic tile.

Finishing Touches

Throughout the property, the landscape was designed to naturally complement the pool and spa—we carefully curated both local and exotic flora to accentuate the central focus areas of the yard.

Our designers choreographed the plant life with complementary colors and alternate blossom times, so the garden is perennially in bloom! We sought to create a balanced look with the flora and utilized a mixture of Mediterranean and indigenous plants, creating a range of textures. They also included an unobtrusive custom area off to the side for the client’s dogs to play and take care of business!

The decking throughout this picture-worthy property is 12×24 Boulevard Light Travertine. The masons created beautiful symmetry by precisely following the house’s uncommon angles.

Among other finishing touches, we carefully considered lighting. A true highlight of the property is its views of the sunrise and sunset, both of which can be seen perfectly from the backyard. Throughout the yard, we used LED Bluetooth lighting that can be controlled by a smartphone. The lighting was intentionally designed to not interfere with the incredible sunrises and sunsets. We used under-lighting on the barbeque area and flanking around the property while accenting the dry streambed and specific plant elements. All were thoughtfully designed to enhance what makes this property so amazing and not obscure the homeowners’ view of the night stars and sky.

We are happy to report that our clients were so pleased with the outcome that California Pools & Landscape was brought in to do a complete refurbish from the curb to the front yard!

When our clients continue to come back for more, we know we have done something right!

beautiful new pool

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