Geometric vs Freeform Pool – What Pool Shape is Best For You?

Geometric vs Freeform Pool – What Pool Shape is Best For You?


So you’ve decided that you want to have a pool built in your backyard, but aren’t sure what sort of shape you’d like the pool to have? This is a big decision and we are here to help. When deciding between Geometric & Freeform, there is a lot to consider to decide which shape is right for you:

  • What is the style of your home?
  • What is your backyard environment or view?
  • What is the style of backyard living that you’d like to enjoy?

Luckily for you, we have some advice to help you determine what will work best in your yard.
At California Pools & Landscape we’ve helped over 35,000 customers design and build a custom pool. Since 1988 we’ve created pools of all shapes and sizes in the Phoenix metropolitan area, so we know how to help you decide on the right shape for your pool project.

In this article we’re going to dive into the two major design options and how they fare in four categories:

  1. The size/layout of your yard
  2. Pool design
  3. Cost
  4. Style of your home.

By the end of this article, you should be able to decide whether you’d prefer a geometric or freeform pool in your backyard.

Geometric vs Freeform Pool

Size/Layout Of Your Yard

Geometric Pool

A geometric pool can work in a yard of any size. If you have a smaller yard, a geometric pool will allow you to fit the most swimmable surface area in a tight space. If you live in a city that has large setbacks from your home to pool edge and exterior walls to pool edge, straight lines will work best to fit in the available area.

The more space you have in the backyard that you have allows for more design options. If you have a medium or large backyard, you will have plenty of space for a geometric pool with numerous design options.

Freeform Pool

A freeform pool design can also work well in a yard of any size. If you have a smaller backyard, a freeform design will not maximize your swimmable surface area. However, a freeform pool will look bigger and can work well to wrap around existing features or yard constraints. If you have a medium or large yard, a freeform pool will give you a nice option to fill up space and add additional features.

Pool Design

Geometric Pool Design

A Geometric pool is traditional and often rectangle in shape. It features straight edges, sharp lines and varies in length, width and depth. If you’re looking for a modern pool design or Tuscan pool design, a geometric pool is an idea fit. If you are planning on swimming laps or playing water sports in the pool, a geometric pool would be a good choice for you. Geometric pools also are ideal for adding negative edges, zero edges and baja shelves.

Flat Geometric Pool

Freeform Pool Design

Freeform pools are a popular choice, especially in Arizona. They are custom in shape and able to be made in any shape that you dream of. They have a natural appearance and fit in nicely with environments that feature desert landscape. If you’re looking for a lagoon pool or tropical paradise, a freeform pool design is a good fit. Freeform pools also work well with additional features like rock waterfalls, caves and coves.


Geometric Pools

A geometric pool will provide your yard with a greater perimeter area than a freeform pool. A geometric pool also will provide the easiest shell to remodel or modernize if you envision a change in the future. There isn’t a great cost disparity between geometric and freeform pools.

Freeform Pool

When it comes down to cost, a freeform pool will get you more pool surface area for your dollar than a geometric pool. At California Pools & Landscape, we price pools by the perimeter footage around the pool. In comparison to a geometric pool you will have more surface area inside the pool with the same perimeter footage. One cost to be aware of is the cost of curving coping around the edges of a freeform pool. The curves can add to the cost for coping materials used to complete the job.

Style Of Your Home

Geometric Pools

A pool will be an extension of your home, so it’s important to pick a pool design that compliments your home. If you live in a modern home or a Tuscan home, a geometric pool is a good choice to go in your backyard.

Squared Geometric Pool

Freeform Pools

Freeform pools can be the centerpiece of your backyard and an extension of your home. If you have an Adobe home or are going for a retro look, a freeform pool is a good choice. A freeform pool is traditionally not a good fit for modern homes.

Smooth Freeform Pool

Find The Pool Shape For Your Home

Depending on your design and style tastes, you should have a good idea of what shape you’d like your pool to take. Incorporating the information above along with the style of your home, you should be able to decide on a geometric or freeform shape.

Geometric Pools are a good fit for:

  • Modern or contemporary look
  • Sleek look and sharp edges
  • Small backyards with large city setbacks
  • People that enjoy swimming laps

Freeform Pools are a good fit for:

  • A natural lagoon look
  • Incorporating your pool into a desert landscape
  • Creating a oasis or tropical feel
  • Those looking to maximize their pool surface area

If you think a geometric pool is the right option for you, visit our gallery for some design inspirations. If freeform seems like the choice for your new pool, watch our Pool Design Ideas series for a glimpse of what your pool reality can be.

If you still aren’t sure what the shape is for you, that’s ok! We have a team of talented designers that can develop a custom pool to fit perfectly in your backyard.

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