Funding Your Backyard Dream


California Pools & Landscape offers financing options to make your dream backyard affordable. Every client starts with both a vision and a budget, and our job is to meld those together to create the perfect pool at the right price. We carefully consider logistics involved in each project to make sure we maximize value and resources throughout the building process.

There are many financing options available for your pool, from new lines of credit, to second mortgages and bundling your project’s cost into your initial mortgage. Read more below for inspiration!

What do creditors look for in applications?

Most creditors look for a solid credit rating. They want to see a history of bills paid in a timely way, and that the debt to income ratio is in a good range. Creditors also look for customers who have a solid history of maintaining good credit practices.

Clients with some negative items in their credit histories can also secure financing! If these events, such as a foreclosure or short sale, were over four years ago, the lender will often still accept the application. Creditors will look for how the credit was rebuilt over time.

What are the average interest rates on a pool loan?

Average interest rates on a pool loan are generally in the low 6-7 percent range. Interest rates are determined by credit score and how much equity is in the home. If you do not yet have equity in your home, there are other options. This typically includes unsecured loans and those rates are determined by your credit rating. These can get as low as 3 percent upwards to 10 percent, depending on terms and credit score.

What Are the Three Main Ways to Finance a Pool?

One: Include the pool contract into your first mortgage. There are many rules and regulations regarding this and we here at California Pools & Landscape help you navigate the whole process.

Two: After-market financing: when you own the home, you’ve closed on the home and you want to finance afterwards—these are typically home equity lines of credit, second mortgages, or home equity loans.

Three: Unsecured lines of credit: these loans have nothing to do with your home but are rather based on your credit profile and credit worthiness. Also known as personal lines of credit.

Ready to bring the dream to life?

Our financing experts are here to walk you through the process and answer your questions. We are here to help you find the very best way to turn your backyard into a sanctuary.

Fill out an application on our website at The process is simple and only takes about 10 minutes. Although the whole loan process can take around 2-3 weeks, we use that time wisely by getting the ball rolling and securing permits, so no time is wasted in bringing your backyard vision to life!

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