Pool Point Of View – The Carefree Outlook

At California Pools & Landscape we strive to create the ultimate backyard for our customers. Every customer is different, and we take great pride in fulfilling unique needs for your ultimate satisfaction. In ‘The Carefree Outlook’ project, our design team created a stunning outdoor oasis with a hillside negative edge pool that features a one-of-a-kind desert view.

What’s Your Point Of View?

This Carefree, AZ residence sits on the side of a remote mountain, with a stunning west facing view. Our design & construction team paired with these customers to demo an old pool while adding a substantial footprint of usable space to this outdoor living environment. The new pool was larger and moved to be in the focal point of the backyard view. The customers wanted to create a negative edge on the pool to improve the view when looking out. Several destinations for entertainment and relaxation were included in the design, helped by the addition of travertine pavers throughout the project.

This ultimate backyard offers the best of Arizona outdoor living with a pool, spa, fireplace, outdoor kitchen, vibrant landscaping and several destinations for tranquil relaxation. The negative edge pool is the star of this design, just a few short steps from the back patio of the home.

The 25,920 gallon pool is heated so that the customers can enjoy it year round. A large 117 sqft baja shelf serves a large step down into the pool and is an 18” depth, which is the perfect for relaxing in a lounge chair and being submerged up to your waist in the water.

The negative edge design on this pool is breathtaking, offering stunning views as the water vanishes peacefully over the lookout point. The pool features our Glacier Sea Glass Pebble with double abalone, which adds to the vibrance and sparkle of the pool. The Belaya waterline tile features a wide color variation with blues and black showing the most. It pairs beautifully with the Equinox Aurora glass tile that is on the step trim, negative edge and the negative edge wall.

The acrylic spa sits inside an elevated deck, added to enhance the view of the Carefree Outlook. Steps surround the elevated platform which really help it stand alone as its own destination area.

This ultimate backyard is connected by over 3,500 sqft of San Joaquin vein cut Tumbled travertine that makes up the deck, running from the exterior of the home to the pool’s edge. This elegant material wraps around the home, adding a natural feel to this desert masterpiece. Almost 700 sqft of our Cal Select artificial turf serves as a vibrant transition between the patio and decking that surrounds the pool. Five travertine step pads lead to the pool and contrast beautifully with the color of the artificial turf.

The landscaping adds vibrant splashes of color and enhances the natural feel of this desert backyard. The landscape design was put together using trees, shrubs, groundcover, accent plants, cactus, lighting and rock design.

Ready To Create Your Oasis?

Hopefully ‘The Carefree Outlook’ sparked some ideas of design elements that you might enjoy in your own backyard. Selecting pool and backyard elements as well as design features is a fun part of the process. It’s important to consider what will fit into your home’s environment and be enjoyed by you and your family.

The elements in this beautiful Carefree backyard are just a few of the many design options that we have available at California Pools & Landscape. We’ve built a page that houses all of the modern design ideas that could create an ultimate backyard experience. To see all more design ideas visit our Photo Galleries.

Love this pool design? If you’re ready to start with your dream yard design, get started with one of our talented designers.

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