Baja Shelf Pools

Discover Ultimate Relaxation With A Baja Shelf

Picture this: Two lounge chairs sitting in your swimming pool, hovering just above the water line - perfect for sipping an umbrella drink and dipping your toes in occasionally, without having to submerge yourself completely.

Sounds perfect, right? This is the delightful scene a baja shelf provides - and it’s not just relegated to high-end resorts. A baja shelf can create an instant resort vibe in your backyard environment.

At California Pools & Landscape, we custom design every project to best incorporate the elements that are important to you and what you desire in your outdoor living environment. Whatever your vision is, California Pools & Landscape is here to help you design and build your dream outdoor living space.

Have A Designer Bring Your Vision To Life

You Deserve Your Own Private Resort

You want your backyard to feel like your favorite resort; with the ability to entertain, relax and fully enjoy outdoor living. Including a baja shelf in your pool will give you the option of spending time in shallow water and help transform your backyard into a relaxation destination!

You dream and we’ll handle the rest!

What Type Of Baja Shelf Is Right For You?

When designing your custom backyard oasis, you need to consider what design options best fit your needs. A baja shelf is no exception; there are options for the depth, size, and features that are included. Whether you want to relax in your own resort-style chair that is submerged in shallow water or, if you’re looking for a safe spot for your kids to play, your dream can become a reality.

Adding a baja shelf to your pool creates a resort-like relaxation destination without a big hit to your budget. The only question that remains is, how do you baja?

Baja Shelf Pool

6” Baja Shelf

Building a baja shelf that is 6” below the waterline would allow the water to cover your legs while you’re seated on the shelf. This shallow shelf is a popular option for homeowners with small dogs as they can hop in for a quick dip to cool off. This shallow depth also allows small kids to play safely in the water.
Baja Shelf Pool

12” Baja Shelf

Building a baja shelf that is 12” below the waterline will allow the water to come up to your midsection while seated. This is a nice depth for you to be able to kick out your legs and relax. This is a very popular depth for parents looking to create a kiddie pool water height for children to be able to splash around in the shallow water.
Baja Shelf Pool

18” Baja Shelf

Building a baja shelf that is 18” below the waterline will allow the water to come up to your arms while you are seated and is at the same level that a pool bench sits. This is a popular selection for pool enthusiasts wanting to put a lounging chair on the baja shelf and relax with the lower half of their body in the water while the top of their body is above the surface.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Designing and building your dream backyard space is a partnership between you and the contractor you choose. It is such a personal decision and every experience is different. You need to decide what you want your experience takeaways to be.

Here are some of our customer experiences after our partnership.


California Pools & Landscape is by far the best pool company in the valley. Their customer service is awesome the correspondence is great, and the workmanship Unbeatable. Please do not waste your time with any other company or build your own pool.

- Evita L.

What I really appreciated was continuing to work with us going above and beyond well after the last check cleared to make sure we were happy. As a business owner, I know the best compliment you can get is a referral so I will be sure to refer anyone to California Pools.

- Jay R.

Considering I don’t know anything about pools, they were very patient and willing to teach me what was involved, not just sell me the best pool pump! The one thing I liked most is that they have their own landscape division. Good people, good service. I’d recommend these guys to anyone.

- Elias A.

Fantastic staff and company. One big difference with California Pools and Landscape – when we were in the design phase and picking the company, they listened. They did not oversell us. Installation was great. Nothing but 5 stars for the staff and the company.

- Deb S.

We had an amazing pool building experience with California Pools, from start to finish. Our project was completed in about 12 weeks and we couldn’t be happier. I’d definitely recommend California Pools to anyone!

- Sandy L.

California Pools are an excellent pool builder! We have used them three times because they build gorgeous pools and backyards since 1996! They are very talented, efficient and they stand behind their very high end quality workmanship!

- Colleen B.

They were always there for our questions and keeping us posted as to the start of the various stages of pool construction. We have a beautiful, refreshing and relaxing pool. The pool exceeds our expectations. We love the customer support we received from California Pools.

- Deanna N.

They are the most communicative, efficient and professional company we have dealt with since moving into our new home. I highly recommend California Pools to anyone looking to build a pool. Take it from my hours and hours of research and meeting with different pool companies in the area – California Pools not only has competitive prices but also the best staff around!

- Amy L.

How Much Does A Baja Shelf Cost In Arizona?

A Baja Shelf of a typical size will cost somewhere between $1,000 - $1,500. The price of your baja shelf will vary depending on the size, depth of the shelf and special design features that you add.

California Pools & Landscape has been designing dream backyards for 36 years in Arizona and we know that every backyard design is different from the next. Your backyard should cater to your unique needs and desires for your outdoor living space and your project cost is no exception.

To help answer how much your dream pool entertainment area will cost, we’ve put together several resources to help you determine your project scope and thus the cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does a baja shelf go in my pool?

A baja shelf can be the 1st step into your pool, which is sometimes referred to as a baja step. Your baja shelf can also be the 2nd step into your pool, with a step located along the pool's edge to help with your entry and exit.

Can I use an umbrella on my baja shelf?

Umbrella sleeves can be installed into your baja shelf to elevate your pool into resort status! This will ensure that you can catch some rays and then escape from the sun when you want to cool off.

Can I have water features on my baja shelf?

Water features are a popular design feature to add to your baja shelf for design symmetry and for additional ambiance. Parascope fountains are popular additions to a baja shelf as they will shoot water up above the pool’s waterline.

It’s Time to Design Your Dream Resort Backyard

Your backyard is your haven and we would be honored to help you curate your new outdoor environment today. When you are ready, California Pools & Landscape is here to assist you every step of the way to a gorgeous new backyard!