Arizona Country Club Pool & Recreational Area Remodel

Arizona Country Club Pool & Recreational Area Remodel

The Arizona Country Club, one of the most prestigious private clubs in the Phoenix area, completed a massive remodel of its swimming pool and surrounding outdoor recreational space by California Pools and Landscape. The resort-style pool and recreation area offers members an upgraded environment for swimming, relaxing, and soaking up the Arizona sun.

The project's transformation from its 2020 version to its completion in 2021 was dramatic because it was long overdue for the Country Club and its Members.

“This project holds near and dear to my heart because it truly is the most dramatic transformation we have done to date,” said Senior Manager Nicole Shoppach. “You took an old, slightly decrepit pool area that hadn’t been remodeled in way too long, and the Club, the Members, and the Board put so much planning and emphasis into making this area beautiful for the Members, and it turned out even better than I could have imagined.”

To see an in-depth look at this project, watch Arizona Country Club - The Makeover.

The large outdoor area was transformed in a way that was felt by the California Pools and Landscape Commercial Team and several valued subcontractors. With a brand-new layout, new design elements, and updated seating areas, the aesthetic is drastically different for the Members of the Country Club.

“I truly feel that everybody that walks through these gates is going to experience this area in a completely different way than it’s ever been experienced because of the functionality, the layout, and bringing it past its four-decade-old condition that it was previously in,” said Head of Construction Scott Nagy.

Building Commercial Pools In Arizona

Demolition on the project began in December 2020, with much of the world still navigating the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. With construction being a vital industry, on-site work continued, with safety procedures in place to socially distance and keep the workforce safe.

“This job landed in a time where we had to restructure how we’d always done things because of the current environment,” said Nagy. “To be completely honest, it was horrible timing for a job of this scope. However, the energy and the time that we put into pulling this thing off just makes it that much more special at the finish line.”

“I am so proud of the California Pools & Landscape Commercial team for all of their dedication to completing this project,” said Shoppach. “To date, this is our largest commercial project completed, and I am just blown away by the dedication of our staff that really made this all possible. We stretched our limits; building during a pandemic is always interesting.”

Country Club Pool

The 200,000-gallon Country Club pool was chipped out and resurfaced along with new waterline tile, swimming lanes, and of course, a shallow end for the kids. In addition to the pool, the outdoor living area was completely remodeled to create a comfortable and functional space for members to relax and socialize.

The design also features a new kiddie pool with water toys and multiple areas to eat, relax or play games. The largest addition to the area is an Arizona necessity; shade. A large ramada for shade and seating by the Country Club pool was built on site, as well as a variety of comfortable seating options throughout the area.
“Before the renovation, there were very few functional areas that featured shade,” said Shoppach. “Not only do we have a beautiful ramada in the front, but we also have the large ramada in the back as well as seven cabanas. I can just picture families having an entertainment area in the shade in the summer, just enjoying this space for years to come.”


The renovated pool and outdoor recreational area will not only enhance the experience of current members but also attract new members looking for a luxurious and inviting environment. The Arizona Country Club is thrilled with how the transformation took shape and has enjoyed welcoming its members to the new and improved pool and outdoor recreational area.

The California Pools & Landscape Commercial Department continues to add massive commercial swimming pools and outdoor living areas to its portfolio. In addition to the Arizona Country Club, they’ve also completed large pools for communities throughout the valley, like Optima, Shea Homes, Hotel Valley Ho, W Hotels, and many more. Learn more about Arizona’s premier Commercial Pool Builder.

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