What Our Customers Are Saying

What Our Customers Are Saying

At California Pools & Landscape, we take immense pride in our approach to customer service. Service is at the very heart of our business and we go to great lengths to make pool-building fun. Our commitment to building relationships is as strong as our commitment to building beautiful backyards! We’ve been awarded the Better Business Bureau’s Ethics Award, and in 30 years of business have not had a single complaint. We know that we go the distance for our customers—but let them tell you about it:

“California Pools goes above and beyond with customer service—they were amazing.”

We work to simplify the pool building process, making it as smooth and seamless as possible. Our aim is to make the process as fun and pleasant as the pool itself will be!

“The customer service was just perfect, from the selection process to the lending process, they did everything for us and it was just so simple—I cold not be happier and could not recommend California Pools more”

“The great customer service at California Pools & Landscape was more than I expected. They were always responsive, professional, and on time. It was like a one-stop shop”

“The folks at California Pools were incredibly accommodating…. the pool, the entire landscaping…the work they did was just incredible…”

At California Pools & Landscape, our service doesn’t end when the building does. We value your trust in us and your continued happiness with your pool:

“California Pools came and fixed a few things that really weren’t their responsibility. It really meant a lot to me that they would come and eat the cost of that, just to make it right for us.” 

We know that we build more than pools—

We build spaces for making memories

and connecting with each other.

“I purchased a pool for my kids and I have not regretted that decision since. The TV misses my kids, which is a miracle in this day and age! We know that every weekend we have somewhere to go—our pool and our beautifully landscaped yard. My kids can run around the grass and play with their water guns and we just really come together as a family and enjoy that precious time.”

“Our pool and yard really exceeded our wildest dreams. We come out here during the day; we come out here in the evening and really cannot believe what we are looking at. It is unimaginably beautiful.”

When you combine our customer service track record, our award-winning designers and our commitment to quality craftsmanship, it is no surprise that we are the valley’s premier outdoor living company!

“There is no other company in the valley that can even come close to the job that California Pools did, so most certainly I would recommend them.”

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