The California Pools and Landscape Culture

The California Pools and Landscape Culture

At California Pools & Landscape, we believe that culture matters. Our business was built on the conviction that we are building more than backyard living spaces for our customers. We are creating spaces where they can grow their families and make memories for years to come.

At the heart of our company’s ethos is a simple desire to be of service. Commitment to this vision informs each interaction with our clients here at California Pools & Landscape. If you buy a pool or not, we know your interaction with us will a positive one.

“We set out, 30 years ago, to just be of the absolute best service to everyone we met. It didn’t ultimately matter if you bought a pool from us. We were just happy to that you called and let us be helpful to you. We’ve kept true to that vision. We are a service culture at California Pools & Landscape. It would be a boring day at work to just come and collect a paycheck. We are here for a nobler vision—how we can be of the greatest service to our clients and our teammates.”

–Mike Smith, Founder and Vice President 

The atmosphere at California Pools & Landscape is permeated by our values

Integrity, teamwork and craftsmanship. Every member of our team is invested in each aspect of a project. We work together closely with a shared goal of bringing people’s backyard visions to life and making it fun! Knowing we are working as a team to turn houses into homes gives us a feeling of true satisfaction.

“I like working for California Pools & Landscape because it is such a great atmosphere. Everybody cares about you, everybody cares about the customer. We all end up feeling really good at the end of the day about what we are doing for the families we serve”

– Cammy Dreher, Senior Manager Processing

“My favorite part about being an owner is working with the employees. It is so important to me that they have a place where they can come to work and feel like they are making a difference. We know we build projects, we know we build pools and we change people’s backyards, but we want to make the process for the homeowner really fun and we want to give them a place to hang out with their friends and family and to make memories with people who are important to them. And we want our employees to feel part of that and it is really important to us that they see the bigger picture.”

– Joan Smith, Owner and Co-Founder

Knowing that each member of the team at California Pools & Landscape sees the big picture in what we do is a key part of our business. They see that we are building more than just pools. We love watching them develop personal relationships with clients that often endure long beyond the building process. We empower them with the resources they need to go the distance to serve our customers at every turn.

“I get to have an opportunity to have such a tremendous impact on every client’s life not only during the process of design and getting to know them through the construction process, but also long after the fact.”

–Jeremy Smith, Owner and President

Ultimately, California Pools & Landscape has grown into the tremendous success it is because of each and every employee’s contribution to our culture of excellence.

“It really is a great place to work for many reasons. Most important are the people we are surrounded by at this company. There are good people all throughout California Pools & Landscape.”

– Darren Tamburrelli, Senior Manager


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