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Happy Couple After Pool Financing

5 Best Sources for Swimming Pool Financing

If you’re like most homeowners who are interested in installing an in-ground swimming pool, paying cash would be a difficult (if not impossible) proposition. It is quite common for pool owners to finance the cost of building a swimming pool, and in this day and age there are more options than ever before to do so. There’s no need to let a price tag break your dreams of owning your own swimming pool. Most borrowers can obtain pool financing at competitive interest rates

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Amazing custom pool deck

5 Deck Options Your Pool Company Should Offer

If you’re in the process of looking for a pool company to build your in-ground swimming pool, no doubt you’ve carefully researched and thought about different construction options for your pool. But, did you know that the pool deck is just as important to consider as the pool itself? The pool deck surrounds, complements, and protects the swimming pool. It

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Pool Building 101 Learn The Lingo

Pool Builder 101: Learn the Lingo

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re conducting research about installing an in-ground swimming pool. Below is a handy list of basic pool construction terms you are likely to encounter as you search for the perfect pool builder to create your dream swimming pool. We hope it makes doing your research that much easier and helps you make an

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Hire a Professional Pool Builder

6 Things You Must Decide Before Hiring a Pool Company

While you may impulsively purchase a new bathing suit or a pair of sunglasses, you likely aren’t going to build a new swimming pool on a whim. It’s a major investment and that means doing your homework before diving into the deep end. Follow these six tips for decisions you want to be clear on before you hire a pool

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