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Pool Contractor May Update

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Spring is here and weather is starting to heat up.  Time to get ready for the swim suit season.  No better way than hitting the gym.  We just finished a project for the Village Health Club.  Swimming is a great low impact workout and not a bad way to work on your tan.  The splash pad is sure to keep your little ones having fun in the sun.


Employee Fun

One of our construction managers offered to do a construction training meeting for the office staff.  Thank you Steve for taking the time and helping your team.  The interest in the meeting required us to move from our conference to you our construction office.  Thank you team for your continually drive to be better every day! Construction mangers took to the race track for some team building.  I heard the times would have been much faster if Stephen had not been clogging the track.  Special thanks to Marilyn for working so hard through our health insurance renewal.   Tina working hard to clear up the warehouse and helping a special cause.  With every item removed off the list came with a donation to Best Friend.


Customer Pool Photo contest submittals

Decker project night.  Hayward LED color logic lighting at its finest.  Pretty cool fire feature too.   Rose project at night.  Love the lighting on the fence!   Little too early to swim at the Parrish/ Hinrich residence but we will be there soon!


Fun pool contractor project and features under construction

Riley project has a great contemporary slide concept.  The slide has a planter that hides the deck steps up to the slide platform and retaining walls.  Trshendorf new water feature on existing pool.  Innovation Creation at its finest. Frantianni project is just getting started up.  Love the insets in the decking to tie the whole design concept together!  Really creative use of materials.