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We know that no two families are exactly alike. That’s why we begin the pool remodeling process with a conversation – to learn what you want in a pool, and how you use your backyard. After we fully understand your needs, we provide clear and complete information on features, construction time and costs. Then, throughout the build, we keep you informed of the process, and we enforce the strictest safety standards to keep your family and our craftsmen safe. That’s why we are Arizona’s preferred swimming pool builder.

Remodeling Ideas

California Pools & Landscape has served the pool needs of Phoenix and surrounding Arizona cities for more than 27 years. With over 20,000 swimming pools and spas in the ground, it’s very possible we built your pool originally. We’ve worked hard to build our reputation as Arizona’s best pool builder and we’re not about to see that reputation tarnished.

Whether we remodel your pool or your whole backyard, we put our reputation on the line. We keep our reputation strong by making sure you love everything about your California Pools makeover, every single time.

Baja Pool Depth Conversion

Baja Pool Remodel

If you love the feel of a beach, you can remodel your pool by adding a Baja step. A wide and shallow Baja step is the perfect place to lounge in the cool water. Families with smaller children love this renovation idea as well as a Baja step is great for little paddlers to splash about.



Soothing Pool Remodel

Desert Pool Remodel

You could also remodel your pool by adding boulders to create an oasis feel or to blend with the desert environment. Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of having the soothing sound of trickling water. Adding a water feature is an excellent way to remodel your pool.




Pool Lighting

Upgraded Pool Lighting

Lights can change the look and feel of your pool as well and you can use it more after the sun has set. California Pools has many beautiful lighting ideas to help you in your pool makeover.




Pool Surface Finish

Seaglass Pebble™

If your plaster is chipping and cracking, a wonderful way to renovate your pool can be by adding Seaglass Pebble™ or some of the other new finishes available. You can try new colors and surfaces for a complete makeover of your pool.




Pool Tile Remodel

Pool Copper Tile Remodel

You can also remodel your pool by adding new tile around the waterline or within the pool itself. There are so many options and colors available! Let the team at California Pools help you choose something absolutely stunning.





Pool Decking Remodel

Pool Deck Remodel

Or, maybe you would like to change the look of your pool by renovating the cool deck or even raising portions of it. California Pools has plenty of remodeling materials including stone, brick, or manmade surfaces in a wide variety of colors and finishes.




Pool Spa Remodel

Pool Remodel with Spa

Another great renovation idea is adding a spa to your pool. A spa is a wonderful place to relax at the end of a long day or to gather with friends.





Pool Heater

Heat Cold Pools

Perhaps you would like to extend the use of your pool even into the chilly months. In that case, you should think about renovating your pool by adding a heater or a heat pump. Your pool is an investment, so why shouldn’t you be able to use it year round?




Styles and Elements

Pool Deck Options

Travertine Natural Stone Pool Surface

Travertine Natural Stone Surface Pool

This stone surface is an excellent choice for a natural style pool. It will blend well with waterfalls, boulders, or any other similar feature. Travertine is available in many shapes, sizes, patterns and colors so it is extremely versatile. Travertine can really add a touch of elegance to your pool and yard. Travertine is also slip resistant and stays cooler on the feet.



Flagstone Surface Pool

Flagstone Natural Surface Pool

Flagstone is a sedimentary rock which means that it is soft and porous. This makes it another excellent choice for pool decking as it will absorb water quickly so that it dries quickly as well. It also means that it is slip resistant. Flagstone can be cut into tiles (which looks great with a formal pool) or it can be laid down in natural slabs (which makes it a beautiful complement to an oasis style pool). It is also low maintenance and long lasting so it is a great value!



Acryclic Pool Decking

Acrylic Topped Concrete Pool Decking

Concrete is a traditional pool decking material but it can crack and get awfully hot. Now you can use concrete for your pool deck with an acrylic topping. The acrylic ensures that your deck stays cooler in the heat, resists cracking and breaking, and is slip resistant. It is also very easy to clean with nothing more than a garden hose. The acrylic also helps protect the deck from erosion by chlorine and saltwater. This is a wonderful deck for a traditional pool or a custom pool with lots of curves.


Concrete Pool Paving

Concrete Paved Pool

Concrete pavers are another choice for a pool deck. Pavers can be made to look like stone or brick and the variety of sizes they are available in means that they can complement almost any type or shape of pool. Concrete pavers will be hot in the AZ summer so this is a great deck option for all those winter visitors. California Pools is an authorized dealer of Belgard interlocking pavers and also works with Phoenix Pavers to offer you an astounding array of options.

Artistic Pool Paving

Artistic Pool Pavers

Artistic pavers will give any pool an elegant look. They will not crack like concrete and are wonderful for avoiding stubbed toes due to their beveled edges. Artistic pavers can be slightly more expensive but their extreme durability makes them worth the cost. Artistic pavers are available in unique natural stone, coral, seashell, and tumbled finishes. They are also slip resistant and stay cool so you can avoid burnt feet. The huge amount of finishes and colors give you an endless amount of choices to enhance your pool and landscaping style.

Pool Surfaces

The Sea Glass Pebble finish is buffed so that it is smoother than the traditional pebble finishes. Thus, a Sea Glass finish is more gentle on skin than standard pebble finishes. The addition of abalone shell and a 30% mix of iridescent glass beads adds a luminescence that is unmatched by any other type of pool finish.

Sea Glass Pebble is available in a variety of colors and color combinations so that you can customize your pool to achieve the look and feel that you want. The extreme durability of this pool finish and its easy care, make it worth the investment. For a one of a kind pool, Sea Glass Pebble with Abalone Shell is the way to go.

Pool plaster is a marble based mixx that has been used since the 1960s. The smooth, white plaster surface is a mixture of white cement and crushed marble for a hard and smooth finish. The overlay of clear water transforms the look of white plaster to a shimmering blue.

Tile finishes for pools have been around for a long time (Romans, anyone?) and for good reason. Tile is durable and low maintenance. The infinite variety of colors and combinations means that you can create a look that is uniquely yours. Many pool owners like a mosaic style while others have chosen designs like dolphins, turtle, or fish to enhance their pools.

California Pools can help you create a pool using tile that is like no one else’s! Although pool tile costs are generally more than all other pool finishes, it rarely has to be replaced like other finishes, thus a tile pool finish can pay for itself over time.

Beadcrete is a swimming pool finish that is a polymer mortar impregnated with tiny glass beads. A Beadcrete pool finish has many advantages. It can be applied to the tightest of curves and its adhesion properties make it very resistant to the effects of the constant exposure to the pool water and chemicals. It is also very easy on skin and will not irritate the bottom of your feet.

Finally, the glass beads give the finish an especially sparkling appearance that can be breathtaking. A Beadcrete pool finish is more expensive than traditional plaster pool finish but much more durable.

Pebble finishes consist of small , smooth river pebbles embedded in the pool finish product. Pebble pool finishes have grown hugely in popularity over the past few years. They are extremely durable and resistant to the chemicals in the pool water. There is a wide array of colors and color combinations available that can be used to get just the look you want.

Many owners of natural or free form pools choose this finish. The texture can be a drawback as it can be less gentle on skin than other traditional pool finishes. Plus, cost can be a factor, but like tile pool finishes, the long term durability of pebble finishes can pay for itself in the long run.

Water Features

Swimming Pool Stone Scuppers

Stone Pool Scuppers

A scupper is an opening in the pool wall through which water drains. In the old days, it was opening in the wall of a ship that allowed water to drain from the deck. Today, a scupper is a widely found water feature on many pools. Scuppers can be made of many materials and incorporated in many different ways – making them very versatile and adaptable for the type of pool and landscaping you have. Here you can see that the scuppers are made of stone for a classic look and feel.

Pool Reverse Vanishing Edge Rock

Vanishing Pool Edge

A vanishing edge is sometimes also known as a disappearing edge or an infinity edge. This is where the edge “merges” into the next body of water and creates a visual effect of “vanishing”. It can be incredibly dramatic and is often found at luxury resorts around the world. Imagine being able to create this atmosphere at your own home!


Stacked Stone Pool Spillway

Stone Pool Spillway

A spillway is a long chute that provides a controlled release of water from a larger body of water. It is typically found on a levee or dam but it makes a beautiful and original water feature on a pool. In this photo you can see that the spa doubles as a water feature with the stacked side of the spa forming a gorgeous spillway.



Copper Scupper

Copper Pool Scupper

Scuppers can be made from many different materials. In this picture, the scuppers are made from copper lending a beautiful modern look to the pool while incorporating the colors of the desert environment as well. What a wonderful way to blend the desert landscape with your sparkling pool!



Custom Stone Scupper For Pools

Custom Stone Scupper

In this photo, the scupper is made from custom stone. While most scuppers tend to be very geometric in their form, they can also be customized and reshaped to fit your aesthetic. Whether you have a traditional pool or an oasis style pool, scuppers can be created from almost any type of stone or metal in any shape so that they establish exactly the setting you want.


Sheer Descent

Pool Sheer Descent

A sheer descent water feature is when the water falls vertically or almost vertically down a straight wall. The effect can be very subtle or incredibly dramatic. The walls can be made from many different types of stone and other materials. The walls can also be straight or curved to fit a geometric pool or a customer pool. There are no limits!


Water Spout Feature for Pools

Water Spout for Pools

A water spout is similar to a faucet and the flow can be adjusted according to the amount of water you want flowing into your pool. If you would like a quiet trickle for an intimate evening or a roaring gush of water for a large gathering – no problem! In this photo, the spouts emerge from classic columns giving this pool an elegant Roman feel.


Pool Water Feature Steps with Sheer Decent

Water Steps with Sheer Decent

Here is another example of using more than one water feature in order to create completely unique surroundings for your pool. Here a copper spillway from the spa connects it to the pool while a sheer descent on the pool wall adds a gorgeous visual of smooth, rippling water.




Stone Pool Fountain

Fountains are another possibility in adding the sights and sounds on flowing water to your pool. Fountains are found all over the world in parks and gardens and anywhere people crave the coolness and calming effect of trickling water. Fountains can be customized in many ways depending upon the way you want to express yourself. Here a fish sends a sparkling arc of water into the pool in order to create a pleasing splash for your ears.


Small Natural Rock WaterFall For Pools

Small Natural Rock WaterFall

The small natural rock waterfall is an extremely popular water feature. Because it doesn’t take up too much room, it can fit into almost any landscape and pool size. It is also a beautiful way to incorporate the natural rocks of the desert landscape into your pool environment. Even though the waterfall may be small, the sound is still extremely soothing and adds to the peace of your surroundings making your pool a refuge from the cares and worries of the outside world.

A lateral waterfall grotto can create romance and mystery and really works well with an Oasis style pool. Having your own hidden grotto in your pool can make you feel like you are on an island in the South Pacific. Imagine being able to hide from the heat of an Arizona day behind a cool sheet of water – how refreshing!

Lighting Options

LED Pool Lighting

LED Pool Light

LED pool lights are a really popular choice these days both for new pools and existing pools that need a little “freshening” up. These lights use much less energy and produce less heat which is a bonus in our hot climate. LED lights can be used in many different ways to produce an inviting glow in the pool.




Fiber Optic Pool Lighting

Fiber Optic Pool Light

Another gorgeous way to light your pool is with fiber optics. Both fiber optic lights and LED lights can be installed in different colors or you can even have an array of color changes for your pool. These lights can set any kind of mood you like – from romantic to festive to serene. It’s your choice depending upon the activity you have planned.



Incandescent Pool Lighting

Incandescent Pool Light

A basic incandescent or halogen light may be placed under water in the pool wall. This is a very common type of pool lighting and is a simple and effective way to allow swimmers to see in and around the pool at night. This is a great and economical way to extend the amount of time that you can use your pool. These lights require very little maintenance and give you thousands of hours of light before the bulbs need to be changed.


My wife and I moved to AZ 2 years ago and after a painfully hot summer have accepted the fact that we need a pool. No, we MUST have a pool! So we’ve discovered that shopping for a pool is much more involved than we expected. I now understand what it takes to dig a pool from scratch. Of all the places I dealt with, these guys stand out more than any other pool company I met with. Considering I don’t know anything about pools, they were very patient and willing to teach me what was involved, not just sell me the best pool pump! If you read my reviews you’ll know how important service is to me which is why I was so impressed with this place. All the people I visited that had their pools done by these guys had nothing but great things to say about them. The one thing I liked most is that they have their own landscape division. My wife really wants an outdoor BBQ and the convenience of having all of that done and designed by the same people is great! Good people, good service. I’d recommend these guys to anyone.

Elias A

Scottsdale AZ
We had an amazing pool building experience with California Pools, from start to finish. Dave was our main contact, and explained the process thoroughly and completely when we came in to the office. He came out to the house just to confirm what we thought our measurements were. California Pools gave us a great and very competitive price, so with that and with the experience we had working with Dave, we chose to go with them. They were outstanding in every aspect – we got a phone call and email letting us know what each stage of the process was, and when it would be occurring. Each step was seamless and the crew was great. Our project was completed in about 6 weeks and we couldn’t be happier. I’d definitely recommend California Pool to anyone!

Sandy L

Gilbert AZ
We researched pool companies for nearly a year before going with California Pools. Not only were they the highest recommended, they went out of their way to make sure we got everything we needed. We met with Travis numerous times for questions and concerns, he even met us at a model house out in Mesa to show us what our pool would look like. We wanted an entertainment pool with plenty of seating and we got just that. It’s the perfect size and my wife and I love it. My folks bought a California pool in 1991 and it still looks brand new. You can find pools for less money but you do get what you pay for and when you invest this kind of money, it’s good to do your homework

Darren W

Phoenix AZ
Matt Murman designed a beautiful pool area landscape for our yard in Phoenix. We told him a few “musts” and he filled in the rest. Everything from the stones to the Lemon, Orange and Palm trees look fantastic. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Matt and California Pools & Landscape.

Peter M

Phoenix AZ
We just completed our pool “face lift” with California Pools, the finished product is gorgeous, we are very pleased and receive compliments by everyone that sees it. CA Pools had more options for pool surface finish and tile than any of the others we got quotes from. They also have pool models where you are able to view several options in working pools, this is extremely helpful and important when choosing the surface finish, seeing it under water on a large scale can make all the difference. We also really liked our sales person, Mike McConnell, he was personable, knowledgeable and really believes in the company he works for. There were bumps along the road during construction but that is a normal part of an undertaking of this magnitude. Everyone at CA Pools was helpful and patient, responsive and accommodating through the entire process. I would reccommend them to anyone without hesitation.

Katie S

Gilbert AZ
California Pools made the pool building process as easy as I could have imagined. They were great about being in very regular contact via email all through the process and they made special accommodations for our HOA too. I can highly recommend them to anyone looking to build a great pool. Our pool turned out beautiful! It’s exactly what we wanted down to the last detail.

Carrie O

Tempe AZ
After a lot of research, we choose California Pools to install our pool. We first met with Darren. He was really nice. He explained the whole process to us and answered all our questions. The poll was installed in a timely manner. Our backyard went from all dirt to this beautiful landscaped view. We were very pleased with the outcome. We would recommend California Pools to anyone looking for a beautiful backyard.

Tenisha B

Gilbert AZ