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Once you’ve built your dream backyard, pool maintenance becomes everything. Keeping your pool clean, sparkling, and ready for a refreshing swim is crucial, and it all starts with understanding the essentials of pool circulation. Get ready to dive into Pool Circulation 101 with our pro designer, Steve Reichmuth!

Pumps are the heartbeat of pools, ensuring effective circulation. They move water in and out of the pool, passing it through the filter and recirculating it to maintain cleanliness. You might already know that all swimming pools need variable-speed pumps to remain clean and sparkling, but not all pumps are created equal. Pumps differ in speed, efficiency, and cost, and finding the right one for your pool is key to optimal pool maintenance.

In this informative video, we product test two industry-leading pumps: the Pentair Intelliflo and the Hayward VSP950. We explore how both systems perform over the long haul and road-test these pool essentials, so you don’t have to. Check out this installment of Pool Science with Steve and discover what we learned about the differences in pumps—from maintenance and warranties to cost and efficiency!

The Importance of Pool Circulation

Effective pool maintenance hinges on proper circulation. Pool pumps ensure that water is consistently moving, preventing stagnation and the buildup of debris and bacteria. A well-circulated pool not only looks inviting but also stays healthier, requiring fewer chemicals to maintain balance. This makes choosing the right pump an essential part of your pool maintenance routine.

Variable Speed Pumps: The New Standard

Variable speed pumps are the new standard in pool maintenance. Unlike single-speed pumps that run at one constant speed, variable-speed pumps can be adjusted to run at different speeds depending on your pool’s needs. This flexibility allows for more efficient energy use, reducing electricity costs and extending the pump’s lifespan.

Pentair Intelliflo vs. Hayward VSP950

Pentair Intelliflo: Known for its advanced technology and energy efficiency, the Pentair Intelliflo pump offers multiple speed settings, allowing you to customize the flow rate for different tasks. This pump is celebrated for its quiet operation and longevity, making it a favorite among pool owners who prioritize performance and peace of mind.

Hayward VSP950: The Hayward VSP950 is another top contender in the pool pump market. It boasts high efficiency and powerful performance, with intuitive controls that make it easy to operate. The Hayward VSP950 is designed to handle heavy use, making it ideal for pools with a lot of activity.

Performance and Efficiency

Both pumps excel in performance and efficiency but have distinct features that may make one more suitable for your specific needs. The Pentair Intelliflo’s programmable settings allow for precise control, which can lead to significant energy savings. On the other hand, the Hayward VSP950’s robust build and straightforward operation offer reliability and ease of use, making it a strong choice for busy households.

Pool Maintenance and Warranties

Both pumps require minimal upkeep for pool maintenance, thanks to their high-quality construction and advanced technology. Regular pump basket cleaning and occasional inspections will keep them running smoothly. Pentair and Hayward offer solid warranties, ensuring your investment is protected. The Pentair Intelliflo typically comes with a three-year warranty, while the Hayward VSP950 offers a similar warranty period, providing peace of mind and support.

Cost Considerations

Initial cost and long-term savings are important factors in choosing the right pump for your pool maintenance needs. The Pentair Intelliflo may have a higher upfront cost, but its energy-efficient operation can lead to substantial savings over time. The Hayward VSP950, while also an investment, offers competitive pricing and excellent value for its performance capabilities.

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