Pool Filtration Systems

Keeping your pool sparkling might seem like a big task! We are here to make it easy, and break down everything you need to know to make sure your pool is a welcoming oasis year-round. In this installment of Pool Science with Steve, our pro designer Steve Reichmuth explains everything you need to know about pool filtration.

Filtration is vital to a healthy swimming pool as it removes sediment and particulates. Dust and debris fall into your pool water or are blown in by the wind or get carried in by bathers. The job of the pool filtration system is to get that dirt out and help leave your pool water cleaner and clearer. If we take the example of the human body, the pump and filtration are what the heart and the cardio-vascular system are to a human. In other words, they are key to the proper operation of your pool.

There are currently four types of filter on the market:

  • Sand
  • DE Filter
  • Cartridge Filter
  • DEP filter

In this installment, we discuss the merits of each type of filtration system. We road test each type of pool filter including maintenance, longevity and filtration capacity.

We also review Hayward’s new DEP filter and explain just how each of these systems works and what they require to function long into the future.

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