how much is a pool?

How Much Does a Pool Cost? The 75k – 125k Range

How Much Does a Pool Cost? The 75k – 125k Range

Welcome to Part 3 in our series on Pool Costs! In this video series, we answer the question we receive most from our clients – “how much does a pool cost?” We’ve been exploring some of our favorite examples within four distinct budget ranges, giving you a good baseline for planning the perfect pool for your budget. The backyards in this video will show you the wow-factor features you can add to your project in the range of 75k-125k. With over three decades of pool building experience, we have the expertise you need to create the perfect backyard for your lifestyle!

Many variables contribute to a pool’s cost. A few that will influence the final price include:

  • Project scope and size
  • Material choices
  • Deck footages
  • Access and site conditions
  • Jurisdictional requirements by the city
  • Additional features, like waterfalls, landscaping

In the $75,000-$125,000 price range, we most commonly add features such as shade structures, perimeter flow spas, elaborate landscaping, and swim-up bars. These additions make a great backyard even better, and take relaxing and entertaining to the next level.

The dazzling pool featured in our first example features a raised zero edge, giving it the appearance of floating slightly. Contrary to a flush zero edge, the water visibly flows over and hits a trough below. For this design, we developed an unobtrusive custom gutter system (instead of using standard tanks), to keep the design clean and minimal. The resort-like feel of this sleek backyard was completed by a luxurious spa. Situated next to the master bedroom and adjacent to massage tables, the spa itself is fully tiled in striking black to match the pool. Slightly elevated, it gives guests a lovely vantage point to take in the space in its entirety.

In the second pool featured in this video, you’ll see a great example of how California Pools & Landscape designs backyards to suit individual tastes and needs. In designing our projects for clients, we use functionality as a starting point. We move beyond pre-designed pools to create custom spaces with usability and style. This pool was created to suit a family of divers. Our clients needed a specifically designed pool that allowed them to use a very specific diving board. They added on a lux spa, sheltered by a rock waterfall, and a shade structure for family fun and downtime.

In our third example, you’ll find a contemporary, sleek design. This modern, zero-edged pool is highlighted by a raised deck area with a stackstone fire feature. This backyard is a true oasis and delight to the senses.

In our next example, we focused on creating a backyard that fulfilled our client’s desire for privacy. We added a water feature wall that created privacy from their view fence, as well as a sunken relaxation area, with plush lounge furniture centered around a large fire pit.

In all of the projects featured at this price range, you can see how California Pools & Landscape works alongside clients to design and build their ultimate backyard. We see a space in its entirety and give our utmost attention to every small detail. We focus on the best use of space, utilizing natural features, such as views and vantage points, and creating harmony and symmetry throughout.

At this price point, you’ll be able to select from eye-catching materials and go the distance with lush landscaping, turning your outdoor space into a stay-at-home sanctuary.

Inspired yet? Get in touch today to schedule an online consultation with one of our award-winning designers to get started on your dream backyard!

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