how much does a pool cost?

How Much Does a Pool Cost? The 45k-75k Range

How Much Does a Pool Cost? The 45k-75k Range

Welcome to Part 2 our series on Pool Costs! In this series, we are attempting to answer the question we receive most from our clients – “exactly how much does a pool cost?” We are exploring some great examples that we’ve built within four distinct budget ranges, to give you all the information you need to plan your perfect pool! In our second video, we discuss pools that fall within the 45k-75k range. With over 30 years in business, we have got the experience and expertise to cover every detail and make pool building a breeze.

How much is a pool

Our reputation has been built on our commitment to world-class customer service. Our clients trust us to make the pool-building process clear and easy to understand. You can relax and know you are in good hands—and can enjoy the pool building process as much as the pool itself!

There are many important factors that will determine a pool’s cost. Pool size, lot conditions, jurisdiction, material choices, deck footages, water features, and other landscape features will all be considered when building a backyard oasis.

Most commonly, pools in this price range include a spa and other outdoor elements like barbecues or fire pits. Check out our video with unique upgrades that fall within the $45K to $75K price range.

You’ll notice the lux living add-ons that enhance a home’s outdoor living area. In this price range, we love to include shade structures and fire features for relaxing and entertaining. You’ll also notice most people working within this price range choose to include spas. These can be centerpieces unto themselves and include eye-catching water features that transition seamlessly into the vista.

Another great design feature we utilize for pools in this price range is stackstone walls. These make great natural looking barriers that harmonize well with the surrounding landscape. When completed with dramatic potted succulents, you’ve created a beautiful desert oasis. Pool shapes in this range run the gamut, from modern and crisp to free form and organic. We also take advantage of different decking materials to highlight different living areas and draw attention to certain parts of the backyard.

As you can see—there is no limit to the beauty and creativity in this price range! Whatever your budget, our design team is skilled in finding a backyard design that is perfect for your space and style. Our designers know how to see a space in its totality, and optimize every inch of yard, giving you true “bang for your buck.” Your backyard remodel will add precious square footage to your home and give you more luxurious living space, indoors and out.

Notice something that caught your eye? Get in touch today to schedule an online consultation with one of our award-winning designers. You can also download our DreamBook app—you’ll find more inspiration, estimates and planning tools at your fingertips, all ready to be saved and shared with friends, family or your project manager! Download today and start dreaming!

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