6 Steps to Virtually Design Your Backyard

6 Steps to Designing Your Ultimate Backyard Online

6 Steps to Designing Your Ultimate Backyard Online

Yes, you can design your next backyard project 100% virtually. All you need to know are these six easy steps to virtually design your pool, landscape, or backyard transformation from the comfort of your home:

    1. The Concierge Department will speak to you about your needs and either collect a homebuilder’s plot plan from you or arrange a time for us to measure your yard. All we require is access to the backyard at a predetermined time. You do not need to be present.
    2. Next, you will be emailed a Microsoft Teams link to join a Project Manager for a video consultation at a time of your choosing. You can download the Microsoft Teams app for free or use the desktop version. There is no account set up required.
    3. In preparation for your video consultation, download our Dreambook App. This app allows you to browse through our galleries, look at specific features and create your own dreambook with the images you love. Doing so will make your consultation more productive as the Project Manager can view your dreambook in real time so they have an understanding of your project scope and style.
    4. During your video consultation, our Project Manager will discuss function, aesthetic, topography, HOA/City requirements, barriers, and will then begin the design process using state of the art 3D rendering technology.
    5. The Project Manager will schedule a second consultation to present the completed design and review all pricing with you. This is a great time to make any design modifications and choose materials. Yes, you can select materials virtually!
    6. How much does it cost to virtually design my pool? Consultations are complimentary. Once you are ready to begin your project we will collect a $1000 deposit and an electronically approved agreement. Get ready for your best summer ever!


California Pools & Landscape is excited to start this journey with you. Click or call 480-756-7045 to speak to a Customer Concierge today.

We pride ourselves on understanding your needs and budget – and then delivering on our promises. The process begins with a conversation so we can understand you and your family. Let us provide you with a no-cost estimate on your family’s dream backyard. Stop dreaming and start swimming.


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Get ahead of the heat and ready for your summer staycation! We are offering 100% online consultations—from design and financing to selecting colors and materials, you can design your new backyard from the comfort of your couch. With innovative 3-D modeling, we can bring your backyard to life virtually. There is no better time than now to invest in your home and lifestyle!