I just signed a contract with California Pools & Landscape. What happens now?

Frequently Asked Questions

When and how do I pay my deposit?

When you sign your contract the deposit is due.

How you pay the deposit depends on how you sign the contract. If you’re in a design center, we can accept the deposit at the front desk. If you electronically approve the contract, you will receive a call from one of our administration staff.

For your convenience, we accept a variety of payment options for your deposit. We can accept a check, debit or credit card, or electronic check. Please note that for the deposit there is a processing fee for a card transaction.

Can I finance my deposit?

Yes, you can finance your deposit!

However, with a signed contract and a paid deposit, we can start on the construction plans and permits while you go through the loan process. This will help you get your pool dug up to a month sooner.

All loans offer 100% financing, so the deposit would be refundable once the loan is funded and those funds are released to CPL.

How can I pay for my project?

There are three main ways to pay:

  1. Paying by personal check
  2. Financing via Second Mortgage Loan, HELOC, or Unsecured Pool Loan
  3. Including the pool in a new mortgage with an escrow holdback

If you plan to use personal funds and pay with a debit or credit card, we recommend using a personal check or electronic check instead to avoid the 3% processing fee. You can learn more about financing and escrow holdbacks at our Learning Center.

When is my next payment due?

After the deposit, the next time we will need a payment from you is the day of your pool dig. Our payment schedules go as follows:

  • Deposit 15% of the project total
  • Day of Excavation - 25% of the project total
  • Day of Shotcrete - 25% of the project total
  • Day of Decking - 25% of the project total
  • Prior to Interior Finish - 10% of the project total

    This payment schedule may not apply if you included the project in your first mortgage or utilized certain loan programs through California Pools.

    When do you start on my project?

    As soon as we have the deposit and your Designer submits the design specifications for your project, we’re able to get started. This allows us to begin the pre site, permits, and construction plans.

    Okay, I’ve provided my deposit. What’s next?

    Now we will move into the pre-construction phase of the project, which usually takes around 3 weeks depending on the scope of work and jurisdiction. During this stage, we draft your AutoCAD construction plan, apply for all relevant city permits, prepare for any necessary demo/pre-grade work, and lay out your project on the site.

    This timeline may vary based on project scope, municipality, engineering requirements, and/or extent of demolition. A Processing Coordinator will contact you when your plans are drafted and tell you the next steps. This team member will be your contact should you need anything during the Processing stages. Most of this work is behind the scenes on our part. Once that is completed, your Designer will be reaching out to you regarding approvals and the next steps needed to move into construction.

    Am I still working with my Designer or are they done with their portion of the project?

    You will be introduced to a few different team members throughout your project, but your Designer will always remain in contact throughout construction. They’re a part of a 3-person team that helps facilitate the rest of your project until completion.

    • Designer (DES): They are your main point of contact throughout the designing and processing phases. They may not be in contact with you every day, but they are always available to answer your questions or address any concerns.
    • Construction Coordinator (COR): Their focus is communication with you regarding your project’s schedule. They will be your “go-to” person for construction scheduling, information, and coordinating your project’s payments. You’ll receive a lot of emails and portal messages from them with valuable project updates.
    • Superintendent (SUP): They maintain our high-quality construction standards on site and direct our crews that will be working on your project.

    I haven’t made any materials and/or plant selections for my project yet, when does that happen?

    Before moving to the construction phase, your Designer will schedule an appointment in one of our design centers to select your project materials. We will not release your project to start construction until we have these selections made.

    What is the portal?

    MyCPL Customer Portal app is your primary source for project status updates and milestones. It will allow you to follow our phase-by-phase schedule, which is updated throughout processing and construction.

    The dates shown are tentative and can be moved forward or backward as scheduling gets adjusted, which is typical with construction. The best portal feature is to direct message with your CPL Team.

    This is the most efficient way to communicate with the entire team so that we can answer questions and respond quickly to any concerns. The app will also allow you to access all plans, change orders, and notify you of all upcoming payments.

    When can I get on the portal?

    You will receive an email invitation to join the portal as we begin the pre-construction process. This email will allow you to download the app on your phone or tablet and create an account login. The email will include a video tutorial explaining different features of the app and how to navigate it.

    Do you apply for approval from my HOA?

    This is where you come in!

    Once we have your construction plans drafted and material selections finalized, you will need to submit those documents to your HOA for review. The majority of the time, that is all they need to approve your project. If you need anything else or need to make changes, please contact your Designer.

    What are barriers and do I need them?

    Pool safety barriers are devices that prevent easy access to your pool to provide an extra layer of security. Check here to see if your city requires barriers.

    It is the customer’s responsibility to install proper barrier mechanisms per city code unless you’ve contracted California Pools to install these barriers for you.

    What can I do to make the process go as fast as possible?

    As we progress through the processing stage of the project there are checks and balances implemented throughout. It is imperative that when we need approval or action on your part to continue, that we receive it in a timely manner so there are no delays as a result.

    For instance, if you have landscaping on your project, we will need you to review the landscape plan, approve it, or speak with your designer to make changes. This will allow us to continue forward with processing and permits.

    Another example of where your approval is time-sensitive is layout. Once your construction plans are approved, we will schedule a layout where your pool, spa, deck, and hardscape features will be in your yard. We will need your approval for this layout for your project to be released for construction.

    Again, we can always make adjustments as needed. We want you to love your project!

    When does construction start?

    Construction starts once these items are completed:

    • Layout
    • Layout Approval
    • Blue Stake
    • Jobsite Set Up with Superintendent and Designer
    • Permit Approval

    Your MyCPL Customer Portal app will have the details and expected dates for those project milestones. Once we have those items checked off, excavation will be scheduled and construction on your project begins!