2021 Construction Update: Quarter 2


Thank you for trusting California Pools & Landscape to build your project. Even with over 35 years in business and over 35,000 projects, we have never lost the feeling of gratitude and responsibility that comes with each opportunity to create a backyard environment for Arizona families.

Due to that sense of gratitude and responsibility, we want to be fully transparent with you as the owners of California Pools & Landscape. We have seen constant pressure on our abilities throughout the pandemic due to material shortages and labor issues coupled with an incredible demand for pools nationwide.

We had hoped this condition was a Covid reaction and that it would improve, but we are now entering a post-pandemic world, and demand is growing, and labor and materials supplies are shrinking.

Stressed inventories of materials and products are struggling to keep up. Available labor has not returned even to pre-pandemic levels. This has made every project move slower than we would like, most taking almost twice as long as in past years to complete.

We have not sacrificed quality, and we have not given in to the urge to overcharge for our services, despite the unprecedented demand for what we do. We have hired and trained at the fastest rate in our history. Our people are motivated to serve and are doing their absolute best for you every day.

The trades and suppliers we count on are pushing themselves as well. Despite the effort, our industry is falling further and further behind the demand.

There is a huge gap between how we would like to perform for you and how we actually can perform for you. That wears on all of us every day. We appreciate your patience more than you will ever know.

You all were undoubtedly aware of this before trusting us with your build. However, there is more that I need to tell you.

Over the past year, we have consistently maintained a capacity to start and finish 25-30 projects a week, which is up from our 15-20 pre-pandemic project run rate. However, the increase demand for pools in AZ and nationwide puts additional stress on an already stressed company and industry.

We will work through it, and we will do our best for you every single day. But, again, in all transparency, we wanted to tell you exactly what we are facing and what you can expect. We will take the projects in order and maintain our standards of construction excellence, but we cannot guarantee timelines. We will do our best to continue to grow our company and our industry, and we will build as quickly as our industry’s capabilities allow us to.

It is impossible to give a blanket answer on what this means to every project. Each one is different, and your involvement, understanding, and patience are needed. Making timely financial arrangements, minimizing changes, being flexible on colors and products will speed your project. Some cities are doing better than others on keeping up with permit and inspection demands. We cannot predict what products will be available or delayed..

In an attempt to be as transparent as possible every CPL customer will receive regular updates on our average timelines through the MyCPL Portal messaging system. If you have any questions, please email smithfamily@calpool.com.

Again, we appreciate you, and the entire CPL family will do our absolute best for you.

The Smith Family

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