Building a Pool: Speed vs. Quality Is the Wait Worth It?
Building a Pool: Speed vs. Quality Is the Wait Worth It?

Building a Pool: Speed vs. Quality Is the Wait Worth It?

So you’re ready for the project of building a pool in your backyard and found out that the process will take longer than you had hoped. Just like many industries this year, the construction industry is taking longer than usual for a variety of factors. Labor, materials and shortages have all played a role in longer construction timelines. There has also been a tremendous demand for home improvement services and upgrades that have been felt industry wide.

Now you’re faced with an important decision: do you go with the company that claims they can get your pool in the ground the fastest, or do you wait longer for a higher quality company to work on your project of building a pool?

This answer is going to be different for every customer and you have to make the decision that is best for you and your family. When deciding between the fastest timeline building a pool and a quality build that will take more time, there is a lot to consider to decide which is right for you:

  • How long will you live in your home?
  • What experience does the pool company have?
  • Is a more quality product worth the wait?

Luckily for you, we have some advice to help you determine what option will work best for you.
At California Pools & Landscape we’ve helped over 35,000 customers design and support them building a pool in the Valley of the Sun. We are not the fastest pool builder right now, but we can offer you advice on how to choose what’s best for you, based on our 35 years of experience building pools in Arizona.

In this article, we’re going to examine the pros and cons of going with the fastest pool build vs. going with a quality pool build that takes more time.

We will examine four categories to help you decide which path is right for you to take:

  1. How Long Will You Live In Your Home?
  2. Expertise And Experience
  3. Pool Design
  4. Warranties

By the end of this article, you should be able to decide whether you’d prefer the fastest pool build or a quality company that take more time building a pool for your backyard project.

Building a pool - Is Quality Worth the Wait?

How Long Will You Live In Your Home?

Are you planning on living in this home for the foreseeable future, or only for a few years? This can play a big role in your decision making process for a pool & backyard build. Your pool design, materials, construction and warranty are all big pieces of the overall project. Your future plans, considering all of those aspects, plays an important part of the decision making process.

Fastest Pool Build

If you are only living in the home for the short-term, choosing the fastest route for building a pool will allow you to enjoy the pool as soon as possible. We get that, there is nothing more enjoyable during the warm Arizona months than jumping in your pool!

Most companies design materials and warranties should have you covered for the short-term, but make sure you know what they are before you sign that contract! If you are planning on being in the home for 5-years or less, you also might not care about a custom design or choosing the best materials for a lifetime enjoyment.

Longer Pool Build

If you plan on living in this home for more than 5 years or this being your forever home, strongly consider the quality of the product that is being installed in your backyard and the warranties that are associated with those products.

Typically companies that take longer in building a pool have longer material warranties. So, ask yourself: How do the warranties between the cheapest or fastest pool build compare to the longer bids?

Having a custom design to fit your home’s style and your entertainment preferences is a lot more important if this is your forever home. Do you want to add custom features or colors? Is outdoor cooking and entertaining important for your dream outdoor living scenario? Can the pool company that is promising a quick build do the entire scope of work that you’d like in your yard?

Putting in a pool is a large investment and a few extra months of waiting can pay off with years of quality fun and enjoyment in your pool.

Expertise And Experience

A pool company’s experience can help or hurt your confidence in the product and the pool construction process. A well established company has expertise in the building process and products that work well in their region. When choosing the right pool company for your backyard project, experience should play a big role in the decision.

Building a Pool the Fastest Pool Build

When a company offers you timelines for construction, how do they compare with other bids that you receive? Is there a chance a company is telling you what you want to hear instead of having transparent and honest conversations? Have they accounted for all of the factors that you might run into with construction during a pandemic?

A faster pool build does not mean that a company does or doesn’t have experience in the field. But it should signal you to dive deeper and make sure that you are comfortable with the company’s expertise and promises that they make you.

Longer Pool Build

From our experience if a company is offering a longer pool building timeline, it is likely because of their expertise in the field or they’re being more honest about their lead times. At California Pools & Landscape we offer a three-tiered management approach to every project. It’s taken us 35 years of learning and optimizing to create our approach.

A team that may take a bit longer from design consultations, to pre construction processing through construction of the pool is not likely to rush it. They’re likely to focus intently on your satisfaction with your backyard oasis.

Building a pool

Pool Design

Fastest Pool Build

How important is the design of your pool and backyard to you? If you are deciding on the company with the shortest time from the design of the pool to completion, time might be your biggest motivating factor. That might cause you to deprioritize other important elements.

Are you happy with the design of the pool and backyard? Has your designer made sure that you are getting everything you want at a budget number that works for you? In almost all situations working with the fastest pool builder will result in more standardized and templated pool designs.

There are a number of design options and material options to make on your project. Ultimately your happiness with the design and functionality of the yard is what is most important, so make sure you’re happy with the design as well as the timeline.

Longer Pool Build

A quality pool design and working with a talented designer can really shape your pool building experience. (see what we did there?) For example, at California Pools & Landscape we have a team of talented designers that create each custom project from scratch to meet the wishes of every client.

If design elements and materials are important to you, it is worth the wait to have a finished project that reflects your patience. A yard that is properly designed for enjoyment and functionality will feel tremendously different than a cookie cutter project. The design is an important consideration for your ultimate enjoyment of your backyard environment.


Fastest Pool Build

If a company is promising you the quickest building time, how do their warranties compare to others? Make sure you aren’t sacrificing quality for a quicker swim time. That can come back to haunt you in the end.

Longer Pool Build

If a company is telling you that their build times are longer, how do their warranties compare to others? Are they taking longer to ensure that your pool is built with the best materials and to the highest construction standards?

At California Pools & Landscape we offer exceptional warranties on our products. Everything that goes underground in our pools comes with a lifetime warranty. We also offer lifetime material warranties on our Seaglass Pebble interiors and all of our paver products. We aim to provide you with the highest quality products that will stand the test of time in your backyard. But the tradeoff is that we’re also not going to be able to rush through steps and get you the fastest pool build out there.

Building a pool

Is A Quality Pool Build Worth The Wait For Me?

So after considering all of the factors above, is a quality pool build worth the wait? Ultimately that depends on your timeline, budget, design inspirations and how long you plan to live in the home.

Fastest Pools Builds are a good fit for:

  • Customers looking for the fastest build
  • Customers not worried by short-term warranties
  • You’ll be in your home for less than 5 years
  • Choosing between pre-designed pool packages

Longer Pool Builds are a good fit for:

  • Customers that can wait a couple of extra months before enjoying their pool
  • Customers focused on quality of the build
  • Lifelong enjoyment
  • Longer warranties
  • Customizable design and more material options

We realize that every backyard is different and we might not be the best fit for yours. If you still aren’t sure what pool company is right for you, that’s ok! We have put together a list of the top pool builders in Arizona to help you narrow down your search.

If you think a quality pool is worth waiting for, let’s decide what size pool works best in your backyard. You can also visit our gallery for some design inspirations!

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