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What to ask Your Pool Builder Before Building a Pool

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Investing in a pool for your home can increase your property value and extend the living space of the home. However, you need to be sure you understand what to expect before you sign any agreement. Ask your pool builder the following questions to ensure you have a positive experience:


Where is your showroom?

Unfortunately, pool builders come and go, often leaving dissatisfied customers with unfinished work in their wake. However, a business with an established showroom is a better candidate than a business operating from the back of a pickup. Does the pool builder display a wide variety of materials such as tile, interiors, stone, travertine, and decking? A professional builder should be able to offer you ample choice in finishes.


What are your professional affiliations?

All pool builders are required to carry a contracting license through the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Checking to make sure a license is good standing is of utmost importance. You can also depend on professional affiliations to such as the Better Business Bureau. Reputable companies pay the nominal fee to become a BBB Accredited Business. Awards and recognition by the BBB and similar groups are indicative of excellence. As for complaints, you can investigate if these were solved to consumer satisfaction.


How long has the business been in operation under the current ownership?

Ideally, you want a pool contractor with at least five years under the same name and owner. This question differs from inquiring about their experience, which could be misleading. Someone with ten years experience that has owned four businesses and closed three of them is a risky choice at best.



What landscaping services does your company offer?

The modern pool is more than just a concrete-covered hole in the backyard with a couple of lounge chairs. This bare-bones description does not do justice to the luxurious retreats in today’s world.  As an integral part of your own yard, your pool should blend seamlessly with the surroundings.


A reputable business with pool and landscaping services can ensure that happens. Whether you want a miniature golf course for the kids or a basketball half-court, having all of the work done by the same contractor provides continuity and avoid scheduling conflicts.


Which pool styles and shapes best complement the architecture of the home?

Although you might have some ideas of your dream pool, certain elements might conflict with your home. Remember that the aesthetic value of the pool is important for your long-term enjoyment and potential selling price.


Are workers insured and covered by worker’s compensation?

Both of these are necessary for your financial protection while these people are on your property. Ask for the insurance company name and verify that the policy is current. This will prevent forged documents from sneaking past your detection.


Does the pool builder offer financing?

Unless you intend to charge the pool to your credit card, pay cash, or incorporate it into your mortgage, you will need to have it financed. Financing through the builder allows you greater flexibility when choosing your amenities.


Obtain a written estimate and ask what additional charges might arise once the job has begun. Make sure you understand the financial implications of typical complications, such as large rock removal.


Along with the answers to these questions, you can select the best pool builder for your home!